7 Actionable tips to Write Affiliate Articles that Converts Like Crazy

Do you want to learn how to write affiliate articles that convert like crazy?

Writing a good Article post is the key to the success of your affiliate marketing site.

Before you start writing an affiliate article make sure you know the answer, why should your audience keep reading the Article continue? What value you are providing to them?

A good affiliate article represents helpful content by entertaining, educating, and engaging the audience.

Just writing an article and answer the queries is not enough, you must also include the actionable steps and practice copywriting techniques.

Such as the introduction part of your article should engage the audience and make them read the whole article.

And then using a lot of real-life examples to make readers interested in your post.

Including real-life experience with the products is a must-have part of any good affiliate article because it makes the trust in your reader that you actually use the products you are promoting.

By saying that, it’s always better to purchase the product and use it by yourself to come up with the type of content your audience will love to read and share.

Here I am going to show you 5 tips to write affiliate articles that convert.


7 Tips to write affiliate articles that converts


1. Use Real-Life Experience 

As I mentioned above, real-life experience is an important part of writing a good Article post, there is more to know about it.

In 2021, the competition is at its peak in each niche and there is a bunch of content available on the web, and if you are still writing your Article as, “The list of 10 best washing machine” “10 Best TV in India” there is no guarantee of getting success.

There was a time when users used to purchase the product by reading the topical description about it but now the era has changed.

It’s a digital world and the consumers are smart, they have access to information more than the product manufacturer.

People don’t want to read or listen to how this product is best rather they want to know what this product can do for them. How it is going to help them?

When you craft an article, keep one thing in mind, “how can I write a post that helps the readers, educate them, answer their queries, and help them make informed buying decisions Instead of just thinking, “How can I monetize this post with affiliate links?

In project 24 offered by income school, Jim and Ricky mentioned that, if you have a bunch of information and helpful content on your Article, and even if it is not monetized, still you can earn a huge affiliate revenue just by creating a page of recommended products.

It creates trust between your audiences and makes them purchase from your site.


2. Understand your Audience

Before you even starting crafting the affiliate articles make sure you have a clear understanding of your audience, who they are? Where they are? What do they want?

For example –

If you are writing an article “pro running shoes” don’t tell your readers, “how to run” because they already know it.

This is where the buyer personas comes into the existence.

Buyer personas are the advanced list of your targeted audience that represents your customer in an imaginary way.

Don’t know about the buyer personas?

Read More about Buyer Personas in Affiliate Marketing

Keep the need of your audience in mind while writing an affinities Article, try to understand their pain points that other marketers are not aware of.

If you promoting physical products through the amazon affiliate, visit the store and read the user review.

If you are promoting digital products, read about its experience with users as much as possible, you can visit the product official page and see the user review.

If the reviews are not available there, you can read the independent review post on third party Articles or QNA sites like Quora.  Reading the comments on their posts is also a good idea to get into the audience’s mind.



3. Find your Article Topic


It’s obvious, you need to come up with Article topics before you even structuring your Article.

Most of the Articleger suggest studying your niche to come up with ideas, but I would recommend you to study your audience.

Because if you have something nice to share, your audience will never listen to you if they don’t want it no matter how hard you try.

It’s always better to write Articles on something that your audience will love to read and share.

And the best way to find the proven topic is, researching what is trending.

BUZZSUMO is a great tool that can quickly tell about what is trending in your niche. You will just have to enter the topic and perform a search.


QNA sites like Quora and Yahoo.com also has tons of question asked by the audience of your industry, get your head into it and mine the questions that can be great topics for your next article.

4. Come up with a Working Title

After finding the topics, you will need to come up with the title of your article post.

Once you have the topic in your Article list, brainstormed to make it the Article title.

Even if it’s not going to the final topic, it will help you to structure your Article and stay focused during the writing process.

For example –

Let’s assume

That topic is, “Start Articleging”

So the title of your post might be something like, how to start Articleging: a step-by-step guide for beginners.

If you are having trouble coming with Article post ideas, use the Hubspot Article Topic Generator, it will quickly generate 250 ideas for Article posts.

You can also see the content on the Articles similar to you to come up with the ideas.

After you sign up freely on Hubspot, You can download 250 Content Ideas on a Keyword for free in an excel file.

5. Write a Killer Intro

A good introduction should hook up the readers and encourage them to read the Article with the curiosity of a good outcome.


Follow these 3 Tips to Write a Killer Article introduction.


Start with questions like.

“Do you want to grow your Affiliate Marketing Revenue?”

“Are you having trouble getting the leads?”


Use Intro to warmup for the audience – Short summary about what’s going to be covered inside the Article.


Use Hook phrases and fill hope in readers. These words will encourage readers to pay extra attention, it will fill them with the hope of learning something new that is proven and tested.


“I’m going to share, how I grew 2k page views and social shares in just one week.”


6. Outline your Article


Sometimes writing an Article post means you have to consume 5,000 words to write a 1000 word Article.

You may also want to consume the content from different resources to increase the quality and credibility of your Article.

After your research is done, it might be overwhelming for you to convert your thoughts into words and sentences.

Outlining your article is a great idea to kick start your Article, it will not only help you stay focus on points during the whole Article writing process but it will also break down your content into small pieces which makes it easy to read and consume for the audience.

I always outline the Articles before I start writing, it allows me to stay focus on a single subheading or minor heading at a time and it reduces the time in editing the Articles after writing.

If you write an Article like an essay with big paragraphs, it will be extremely hard to break the content and distribute it into subheadings.

Your Article might be 3000 words long so you can have two, three, or more subheadings under the main heading, depending on the topic and the types of content then it comes to minor headings under each subheading which backup the concept of subheading.


7. Write your Article Post

Here comes the most important part, now you will have to start filling up your Article outline with the content.

Writing the affiliate articles is not easy Most of the writer stuck a word flow

The trick is here to first write the content that you already have in your mind based on your experience in the industry and later conduct research to polish your content and enhance its credibility.

Just write the content as quickly as possible without bothering yourself about the right sentence structure and grammar because this is the editing part which comes later, the core idea here is to capture your thoughts on the piece of paper or on the compute screen before they flooded up form your mind.

Once you are done with your first draft have a look at it, it will be messy and amateurish.

Now start reading it from the beginning and do the necessary correction, replace, edit or remove sentences, words, and paragraphs completely if they don’t make the sense and don’t resonate with the content.

You can repeat this process twice or thrice until you are not satisfied with how your content sounds to readers.

Tip – Read your content by speaking it after finish editing, it will allow you to capture additional details that you may have ignored during the editing process.



Writing affiliate articles is not easy but it can be if you follow a documented process,  stick to it for a long time and practice writing the Article as much as possible.

Good writing is not art, it comes with habit.

While writing Affiliate Articles your purpose should not be monetizing your content with affiliate links rather thinks about how you can help can address the needs of your audience by helping, educating, entertaining, and engaging them.

How do you write your Affiliate Article?

What is your take away from this article, tell me in the comment section.



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