8 Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing Blog: Detailed Guide

Are you stuck and brainstorming about the best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing Blog?

when it comes to buying hosting, it’s obvious because there are so many confusing options and offers available in the market.

The web hosting must be fast, secure, and reliable plus it should provide awesome customer support that can handle each technical task for you.

in this article, I have given a detailed guide on the best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing in 2020 but before we move ahead let me tell you about the different types of web hostings available in the market.

Once you will get to know how many types of web hostings available, you will make a better decision and you would have a clear idea of which one you should choose for your Affiliate Marketing blog.

There are basically four types of web hostings available:

Shared web hosting

Shared Hosting ensures you share space with a whole lot of different websites on precisely the exact same server. The benefit is the fact that it is a whole lot more affordable. The drawback is that other websites can affect the operation of your website. If somebody else gets a massive traffic spike, then it might impact everyone on that server prior to the internet host throttles their visitors.

Shared web hosting is not recommended if you are running a business website as it might cause unexpected shout down to your website which may directly harm to your business. you can choose this website for a personal blog.


VPS hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) also has multiple websites on precisely the exact same server But these websites have dedicated space that is handled by applications. You get a number of the advantages of having a dedicated server (you have an IP address, not as volatility in bandwidth, etc) without having a whole host for yourself.

However, the performance of VPS hosting is not quite as good as getting a server on your own but still, you can go for it, if your website is small and you have fewer amount of visitors.


Cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting is comparable to VPS but rather of getting a room on once server, you receive distance across multiple servers. Like VPS, it is resilient to traffic spikes from some other websites. If a website in your same host takes down that server, your server only goes your website to a different host.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting provides you a server only for you. Nobody else puts space on that server. You are also going to be in full control and may configure this server however you desire.

But the cost of dedicated hosting is very high in comparison to other hostings, not all small businesses or small growing can afford it. This is the best Webhosting for big businesses that have thousands of visitors on monthly basis.


So now you have an idea of the types of web hosting available, it’s time to think which one is best for you?

Let me assist you with it…

As I mentioned above you should avoid choosing the shared web hosting for business purposes. If your business is small or you have recently started a website then I would advise you to go for VPS hosting,  it’s much better Shared hosting.

If you have a large amount of database, very high-quality images on your website and you are concerned about the fast loading speed then you can go for cloud hosting. it provides ultra-fast page loading speed.

When you get over 50, 00 visitors/month, proceed towards hosting and a dedicated server in the event that you actually need it. Don’t rush to buy a dedicated server until you start getting a huge amount of traffic.

If you will follow my genuine advice while choosing the best web hosting for affiliate marketing, you will actually save a ton of money on the expensive hosting plans that you might not even need.

Here I’m going to share the 8 best web hostings for affiliate marketing, I’ll give an in-depth guide, genuine review, and money-saving tips on each web hosting provider, and its all plans.

Stay tuned and keep reading the article till the end.


1. Bluehost – Best Web Host for Beginners


Bluehost is among the trendy and finest options for web hosting.

They have been around quite a while, provide excellent hosting at an excellent cost, and also have a fantastic reputation for encouraging their clients.

If you get stuck or have an issue, they have 24/7 service by call or live chat. No hoops to jump either. They record their service amount and live chat choices right on their Website, you can achieve it in two clicks:

Bluehost provides you a number of distinct features that are guaranteed to match your site’s requirements also. By way of instance, they have a great search engine optimization tool that tracks and scores how well your site is ranking for particular keywords and phrases. This gives you a fantastic idea of the way you need to optimize your website for the best search positions.

They also provide hosting that can support whatever way your needs grow with respect to time

Let me say you begin with a conventional shared hosting program and wish to set up WordPress. They have a simple 1-click setup to make that occur. Then if your website keeps growing and you would like to update to handled WordPress hosting to accelerate your website and enhance safety, then they have that also. Or if you would like to acquire more control by updating into VPS or dedicated hosting, then they have dedicated plans for both.

Blue host covers everything you might need to run an initial level business website.


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2. Dreamhost – Most Affordable Monthly Plans

DreamHost does things their own way which may be ideal for you.

They do not utilize the normal cPanel that many hosts use. Rather, DreamHost provides a totally custom control panel to control your site.

Many customers love it because of its intuitive. The interface can be more user-friendly compared to cPanel.

But it comes Using a large caveat: This makes things far more challenging to migrate DreamHost.

Migrating to DreamHost is simpler than ever though. The server introduced a free plugin which moves your WordPress website for you in only five steps. You will also have the ability to scale your hosting as your website develops.

Additionally, To shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting, DreamHost presents low-cost updates to VPS and cloud hosting, in addition to dedicated servers if you need them. Their VPS plans begin at $10/month:

DreamHost is another among WordPress’s three dedicated hosts, also contains several handled WordPress hosting in its own fundamental shared programs.

Additionally, it supplies a controlled plan with more whistles and bells known as DreamPress. Monthly programs under $3/month can be purchased should you pay yearly, $8/month in case you want to add email. It will have an industry-leading complimentary trial period — a complete 97-day money-back guarantee — and also translucent pricing which does not increase following your contract.

if you would like technical assistance over the call, you need to pay an extra $9.95. But should you spring for the Dreamhost Plus or Professional handled WordPress plans, call service is included together with other superior features?

The complimentary Trial interval is the longest in the industry — 97 days. Shared hosting plans begin at $2.59monthly, and because DreamHost does not do promo prices, it will not leap following your very first contract is up. This is only one of the cheapest hosting prices on the market, it is a fantastic alternative for anybody trying to save every penny.

What’s really worth noting is the outstanding offers DreamHost has for nonprofits: one free Unlimited shared hosting plan (which includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sites, and email hosting), plus a 35% discount on the souped-up DreamPress-managed WordPress hosting. That’s a fantastic deal.


3. Hostgator – Best Scalability for Price


HostGator is another web host that caters to small businesses.

They’re also a bit of a mixed bag.

Even though HostGator does have comprehensive how-to guides for technical assistance, it does not offer you any type of email service. it only provides phone and live chat. So be ready to get on the phone when you’ve got a question.

Unlike a few Hosts, Hostgator does comprise support in all of its plans. If you’d like a hosting plan that is cheap and contains support, this is really one of the best hostings for you.

HostGator does provide Windows hosting along with Linux, in addition to a selection of alternatives to update, such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting, handled WordPress, along with a dedicated host. Shared hosting plans begin at $2.75per month.

HostGator will rank highly on technology books like PCMag, but consumer testimonials are fairly dreadful: it’s just 1 star on Trustpilot. If you are considering attempting HostGator, then I suggest taking full benefit of this 45-day money-back guarantee and testing their service entirely before committing.

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4. Hostinger – Best Affordable Hosting Plans

Hostinger is among the most economical web hosting out there.

This is very affordable hosting as their lowest plan start under a buck.

of course, all of these plans are promotional and you have to give more charge on the time or renewal. But you are in a position to lock these ridiculous costs on a more subscription.

They provide hosting for $0.99/month but only when you choose a 4-year billing cycle. That is an awesome thing.

Even following the promotional pricing finishes, the pricing remains super reduced. The single-site plan only costs $2.15/month, one of the lowest rates in the industry.

The Ideal part? Hostinger does not feel as cheap hosting.

In Marketing into the UI for managing your website, it seems like a superior web hosting.

The uptime, Site rate, and service are pretty great also. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee combined with 24/7 service when you require assistance.

Don’t expect them to be quite as good as other hosts but the value per dollar is unbeatable.

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5. A2 Hosting – Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting Offers lightning-fast hosting providers.

At each Hosting grade (shared, VPS, committed), A2 Hosting defeats additional hosts on the rate. So if you’re looking for pure speed, this is your best pick.

A2 Hosting Also includes a 99.9% Uptime Commitment on all programs so that you know you are going to have a trusted host that will not be down frequently.

Each Hosting package includes free website migration also. If you have put up your site on a lousy host and would like to migrate, this is an excellent thing. It is going to save your heaps of hours trying to have your site reconstructed. The A2 Hosting team manages it for you.

Like many of the other internet hosts, you will find 1-click installs for all of the favorite CMS tools such as WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

If you plan on hosting a number of sites, you will want to receive the Swift program that’s an additional $2/month following the promotional period ends.

1 trick to spend less with A2 Hosting: that the promotional costs finish on renewal. To lock at the 63% reduction for as long as you possibly can, select the tri-annual charging that will charge for three years simultaneously.


6. GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting

GreenGeeks Is your green option for other hosting providers. They have utilized renewable energy to power their hosting solutions.

Not only are they an eco-friendly option, but their hosting services are also top-notch. This makes them a perfect solution for environmentally conscious brands and websites.

You will receive whatever you will need to build and manage your site at a wonderful cost.

If you plan to utilize WordPress they then will make it simple for you to get put up in a snap. They supply an automated 1-Click WordPress Installer and auto-updates to maintain your WordPress website current.

They also Provide daily copies and innovative security features to be able that will assist you to keep your information safe and protected.

GreenGeeks Additionally stays current with the most recent technologies such as PHP7, SSD, CDN, and much more. This helps ensure your site always stays secure and fast.

They also provide 24/7 service available by call, chat, or through their ticket system. They’re typically very fast to react and will help with a broad assortment of issues.


7. WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is among the best known handled WordPress hosting on the market, and for great reason.

They supply a really excellent product. It will come at a cost, however. . A fully managed WordPress host is noticeably more expensive than shared hosting providers.

WP Engine’s Lowest-priced program is $30/month, and that is just for a single 10GB website with a maximum of 25,000 visitors/month.

But if you Variable in what WP Engine does for this cost, it is a remarkably attractive alternative for WordPress website owners. As a controlled WordPress server, WP Engine simply provides support to WordPress users, which implies its infrastructure could be optimized for WordPress.

Your website will be live quickly, there is practically no downtime, and a lot of maintenance tasks become taken care of automatically.

Bottom line: If you’d like a blazing quick site where everything is taken care of automatically, you will need WP Engine.

Client Support can also be laser-focused on WordPress, making for exceptionally capable knowledgeable support staff accessible through monitored tickets and on live chat 24/7.

Only be mindful of the purchase price. You are going to be paying more as a way to acquire far more. That said, WP Engine is your best selection for any company working on WordPress. If you do not need to waste time handling the hosting part of your site, then you can go for it.


8. SiteGround – Best Customer Service

In addition to WordPress hosting has been built into all its shared hosting plans, you’re going to receive automatic updates, compact security, and professional technical support.

SiteGround is widely regarded as a pioneer in shared hosting. Its servers are ultra-fast and additional protected, and SiteGround is continually deploying new upgrades to keep them away.

While all its shared hosting plans are all strong, SiteGround is particularly well-known because of its highest-tier shared program, GoGeek, which will be suped-up with resources programmers will find particularly helpful, such as a staging server and Git Retailer production.

Plenty of little business and individual websites will likely discover this overkill, but if your requirements are more complicated than the fundamentals, SiteGround includes a whole lot to appreciate.

There’s one downside. As soon as you discount SiteGround’s introductory pricing, then your program’s cost will triple.

For example, its lowest tier of shared hosting jumps from $4/month to $12 and its highest tier jumps from $12/month to $35. That doesn’t feel great.

SiteGround Also gets the shortest trial interval of our other shared hosting our best picks: just 30 days. This is not a significant issue though. You will be able to readily evaluate any server in a month.

SiteGround is among my best picks for hosting. If you believe there is a possibility you will want to update to a serious hosting power as soon as you create a great deal of traffic, then SiteGround is a good alternative that will make updates easy afterward.

SiteGround’s Customer care is available 24/7 across all stations — call, chat, and email, and its own knowledge base is wealthy and well-organized.

Conclusion –

I have given this detailed guide on the all major best web hosting for affiliate marketing, now it’s your time to decide and choose the right web hosting for your website.

If you have not started your website and you are getting confused with, “Which web hosting is best for new websites then you should go for Hostinger.

Hostinger is cheap, beginners friendly and it’s very easy to setup and the customer support is also pretty cool.

Hostinger is one of the most reliable hosting which has advanced features similar to other major hostings like Siteground, its cost is also affordable for new bloggers.

In case you want to something, ping me in the comment section. I’m looking forward to seeing your response.

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