How to Generate High-Quality Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Website 

If you are reading this post then I assume that you have spent your resources and build your affiliate marketing website, published content, and linked to your affiliate products.

And now you are looking for ways to get traffic for the Affiliate marketing website.

According to a survey conducted by Hubspot, 61% of businesses say their toughest marketing task is to generate leads and convert them into sales.

To get more leads and sales, you need quality traffic.

This task can be done easily with a little practice and knowledge of the right traffic source for your affiliate marketing website.

There are two types of traffic sources, paid traffic and organic traffic. To find out which one you should choose, keep reading this post till the end…

If you are a beginner then it’s very important for you to generate organic traffic as buying traffic via paid advertising might be expensive for some people.

But maybe you still need to run ads in the beginning, what you need to do is make a balance between paid and organic traffic… I will guide you in the sections below.

Before we proceed ahead I would like to let you know that, you should be looking for high quality and relevant traffic instead of focusing on the number of traffic.

There is a difference between quality and quantity…

To figure out this difference and know about the best traffic sources for the Affiliate Marketing website, keep reading this post till the end…

By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of which traffic source you should choose for your affiliate marketing website.


Importance of High-Quality Traffic for Affiliate Marketing website 

As I told you before the quality of traffic is highly important in comparison to the numbers of traffic, high-quality traffic is more likely to convert into sales.

The term high-quality traffic refers to narrowing down your target and focus on only a specific audience who are more likely to buy products and services you are promoting.

While high-quality traffic will always be lower in numbers than untargeted visitors but the number of leads and sales it generates will be higher in numbers.

If traffic coming to your website is not converting into leads or sales then it is unreverent traffic and it isn’t necessary for the growth of your website.

But there might be another reason for traffic not converting into sales as if you have low-quality content on your website. The quality of traffic might be high but the quality of your content might not be worthy to convert visitors into consumers.

In high-quality traffic, you get targeted visitors who are more likely to share your content and increase website visibility around the web which is a good factor for SEO as well.


Types of Traffic sources for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns 


As I already mentioned previously, there are two types of traffic sources paid, and organic, the choice of the right traffic source depends on the targeted audience for the product and services you are promoting.

Different Traffic sources have different types of audience database, cost of advertising, rules, and regulations, and targeting options available, etc.

While generating traffic on your affiliate marketing website leads to more sales, the wrong choice of traffic source can ruin all your efforts of advertising and you might end up in loss after spending money on advertising campaigns.

That’s why choosing the right traffic source for an affiliate marketing campaign is very important for the growth and success of your website.

Here I’m going to break down all different traffic sources for the Affiliate Marketing website. It’s up to you to read, brainstorm and analysis each traffic source carefully in order to choose the right one for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

At the end of this post, I will also share useful tips to choose the right traffic source for your affiliate marketing website…

  • Paid traffic Source for Affiliate Marketing campaigns

Paid traffic is associated with paid marketing campaigns, it can be generated quickly just after launching the advertising campaigns regardless of SEO and quality of your content.

But still, the quality of content is an essential part of any marketing campaign, you might get direct traffic from ads but people are not likely to convert if your content quality is low, so make sure to publish quality content on your website.

Before you decided to run paid ads campaigns, you should ask this question to yourself, “Is Paid Advertising a Good Way to Bring Visitors to Your Website?”

Paid traffic is a high cost and comes with the risk of losing your money on campaigns, especially if you don’t have much knowledge of running ads campaigns.

Paid traffic sources allow you to directly target those users who are into the buying cycle and most likely to buy the product from you.

Overall, if you have good knowledge of running advertising campaigns and you know how to maintain a balance between profit and cost of advertising then paid traffic sources might be very useful to get quick success in affiliate marketing campaigns.

If the traffic cost is 50 $ and profit is 40$ then it isn’t a good deal for you…


Google Ads


Google ads are the most common and effective form of paid advertising campaigns.

It works in a similar way as organic search when users type keywords in google, they are shown the associated advertisements to that keyword.

generate high-quality traffic to affiliate marketing website 

The best part of this traffic source is, you don’t have to pay for the number of an impression on your ads but you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

It still might be cost risky, and the priority of risk depends on the competition of keyword you are bidding on.

If other advertisers are paying a high amount per click for particular keywords then you should not target it, especially if the amount of profit is low for the product you are offering.


Social media Ads


Social media ads are most cost-effective and it provides in-depth targeting options for your audience.

Unlike the google ads where the user only show ads when they type a related keyword in search engine with an intention to buy, social media ads are outbound marketing campaigns in which, it shows ads to all those people whom social media consider as your targeted audience regardless of the user is intended to buy at that moment.

Facebook ads are the most common form of social media adverting campaigns, by developing a good marketing strategy you can run an effective Facebook ads campaigns and get the most out of your investment with outstanding outcomes.


Native Ads      


While visiting big media websites, you may have seen ads at the end of the news articles, these types of ads are generally in article format, very similar to publisher’s content, and blended into the content of prospective media website.

Although the chances of getting traffic from native ads are low as compare to google ads and social media ads but still it might generate some quality leads and sales.

While creating native ads, you should bear few things in mind like headlines and images of ads should not over attention-grabbing which might provoke the reader to rejection, the UI and content of ads must match to the content of the publisher website so it will not look like an ad until the user starts reading it.

Following are the best native ads platform for your affiliate marketing campaigns:

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • Nativo
  • Revcontent
  • MGID



  • Organic traffic sources for Affiliate Marketing Website

Organic traffic is less cost risk traffic and even if you spent a lot on bringing organic traffic, it will be useful in the long run for your organic growth.

Organic traffic drives more quality sales and leads than advertisements because people know you can’t pay Google to stay at the top of the search result.

The only way of getting your rank under tops result is to provide high-quality, relevant, and targeted content by taking the user’s search intent in mind.

You have to put a lot of effort, time and a well-developed SEO Strategy to get your rank under the top of search results, for that reason people are more likely to click on the organic result to get more valuable and useful information about a particular topic.

Your efforts for bringing organic traffic to your affiliate marketing website can take months to show outcomes, but it will be worthy enough to invest your resources.

Well-written high-quality content and a good content marketing strategy is your key to get consistent, repentant and high-quality traffic to your affiliate marketing campaign.


Provide High Quality and Relevant content


Don’t write long blogs on every topic, people are not going to read 2000 word’s blog just to make a purchase of a little watch.

But it doesn’t mean you should not write this much long blogs,  you are allowed to provide as much as information possible where needed.

If you have a jock related to your brand, product, that you want to share with your audience, then embedding it into 2000 word’s blog post is not the right choice, you can choose another source to share this type of content like social media story or tweet, etc.

Similarly, you can’t provide all the useful and necessary information about any product or customer’s query that needs to be explained in a separate blog post.

Author of, “they ask you answers has written that customers ask answers to you, they want to make a buying decision based on the information you provide.

Provide the relevant information as short as possible, don’t tell stories on a single topic of products, you can still keep your blogs long while covering another aspect of the same point

Interact with your audience, listen to their pain points and problems and most especially pay attention to the frequently asked question, make a list of them and answer all of those questioned in your blogpost and videos.


Write Good Headlines 

Writing quality headlines will increase CTR, it’s the most important point because ranking took palace on the base of User experience and how much time people spend on a particular website, etc.

Your website might get ranked by applying SEO but it will still not get traffic because your headlines aren’t worthy of a click.

Always optimize your headlines for CTR.

You can read this best writing E-book – writing for deadlines, it will teach you to write perfect headlines for all advertising and organic marketing campaigns.

(Insert the link of the book here)

You can use coschedule headline-analyzer tool to make your headlines perfect.

It’s a free tool and it provides valuable insights and suggestions on your headlines, you just have to copy & past your headlines into this tool and it will give automatic suggestions to improve the headlines of your Blog, Advertising campaign, or E-mail.


Social Media Marketing 


Social media marketing is a great way to generate a lot of referring traffic, what you only need to do is, develop a good social media marketing strategy for your Affiliate Marketing website.

You have to provide quality content on social media in order to engage your audience, get likes & shares.

While creating content for social media marketing, focus on providing valuable information, and answer the question of your audience, engage with them rather than promoting your affiliate links directly.

Make sure to link your profile with your website or affiliate marketing channel so that people can directly visit from your profile.

Once you have developed the right strategy, stay consistent with it, keep posting, and engaging with your audience even if you are not getting the expected result.

Social media marketing takes time to show outcomes just like SEO but it is the best way to connect with your audience, listen to their opinion, and see how they are talking about a particular product that you are promoting.

You can also get loyal customers who can become your brand advocates and promote word of mouth for you.




As you already know, the video content is dominating the market everywhere.

While producing great quality video content takes time and effort, the great marketing video gets viral quickly and generate a lot of CTA.

Video content can help you to boost your website content ranking in the search engine if you embed them within your blog posts.

You should learn and use YouTube SEO properly to get your video rank on YouTube for a particular query.

Make sure to provide the link of your affiliate products or website in the description of the YouTube video and put a clear CTA action sign at the end of the video that encourages your audience to take action.


Guest Blogging on Industry Sites


Guest blogging is used to get backlinks from quality websites to increase visibility into a search engine and it can also drive a lot of targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing website.

Make sure you only collaborate with sites related to your niche or product even if they are small websites because the traffic they will send to your affiliate marketing website will highly be targeted and most likely to convert into sales or leads.

Write quality blogs and provide value for your prospective website’s visitors while doing guest posting and make sure to link back to your affiliate marketing website at the right place.


What to look While choosing the traffic source for affiliate marketing 

As I mentioned earlier, each traffic source is different and there is no traffic source that is best for all-purpose.

The right traffic source for your affiliate marketing website depends on your niche, affiliate program, and the product you are offering.

It’s up to you to choose the right traffic driving source for your affiliate marketing campaign. And the information I have given in the article above is enough to analyze each traffic source quickly and choose the right one for you.

I’m going to tell you a few tips to keep in mind while choosing the traffic source for your affiliate marketing website.

  • Cost of traffic source
  • Amount of traffic
  • Rules and regulations
  • Quality of traffic
  • Targeting options available

Conclusion –

I have given all the useful and in-depth information about choosing the right traffic source for your affiliate marketing website and I also given few important tips that will help you to choose the best traffic source for an affiliate marketing campaign.

Now it’s your turn brainstorm and chooses the right one according to your needs and budget. And dominate the marketing under your niche.

If you need any kind of information related to the above mention topics, tell me in the comment section.

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