Start Affiliate Marketing Blog from Scratch in 2021: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Do you want to start an Affiliate Marketing Blog in 2021?

Or you might have already started a blog but you are yet to make it sustainable and grow.

Whatever the reason, you need to know that while affiliate marketing sound pretty good and easy to hands-on but there are several parameters involved that decide whether your site will be successful or not.

When I started an affiliate marketing blog from scratch in 2017, I was also facing the same issue.

I tried my best to make push things to the edge and make it work for me, be it either paid advertising or organic marketing strategies.

I started consuming the content from different blogs, YouTube videos, and courses, etc.

During this process, I learned a lot and I also realized where I was doing wrong.

In this informative guide, I am going to share that costs several mistakes and years to learn.

Almost every site started at 0 but some quickly grow and scale while others give up.

In this blog post, you are going to learn effective and result-driven affiliate marketing blog Strategies.

First, let me clarify that affiliate marketing is not quick magic that will make you reach overnight, you will have to work hard to build your 6 figure affiliate marketing empire.

Don’t get scammed by fake gurus and spend your money on expensive courses.

To give you in-depth knowledge and a clear road map of your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner, I have written this E-book and decided to give it for free.

Grab you free Ebook from here

Let’s move ahead…

Your keys to be successful affiliate marketers are patient and consistency.

Stick till the end of this blog post to become the master of affiliate marketing skills. , I suggest you start your blog now and implement each strategy you learn right away.

I have categorized all steps in the 3 following sections where I will be sharing a step-by-step guide to start a result-driven affiliate marketing site.

  • Starting an Affiliate marketing blog.
  • Generating traffic to blog. 
  • Use Google analytics to improve blog performance.

In this section, we are going to cover the 10 initial steps to starting an affiliate marketing blog from scratch. I would recommend you to start your site now and implement everything you are going to learn.

Each point of this section is linked to main articles that contain in-depth guides on respected topics.

  1. How to select a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing Blog in 2021

A niche is the subject of your blog, before you even start your affiliate site, you will have to decide what you are going to blog about?

Starting an affiliate site in 2021 and grow it over time is not a piece of cake but you can win the game if you narrow down your niche and focus on micro-niche.

The right niche for you is the one in which you are deeply passionate.

Meanwhile, a profitable niche is associated with what’s is trending in the current market and which niche will earn you more profit.

For example –

Health, sports, lifestyle, news, digital marketing, etc.

Their broad categories are called a niche, to understand better – think about the categories in your local newspaper and now you will have a clear idea about the niches.

Because affiliate marketing exists for a long time, almost every niche became competitive and there are tons of expert affiliate marketers who are trying to hands-on and dominating in most of the industries.

If you also want to hands-on in affiliate marketing in 2021, I would suggest you narrow down your focus and start working on a micro-niche in order to get success as a single-man army.

A micro niche is a subcategory of the broad topics we have discussed above.

To learn everything about niche from scratch to the end, read the guide below.

Guideline to choosing the right and profitable niche for affiliate marketing blog in 2021 

7 Step Ultimate Guide to Find Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2021

  1. How to conduct Market research for affiliate marketing 2021

Market research and competition analysis will say a lot about whether your affiliate will survive and make income.

Starting an affiliate site on 100 years old fashion clothes, will not make sense even if you are ranking on the top search result because no one will search for it.

To know about the market condition of your niche and know wheatear the audience is searching for it or not, you will have to perform effective market research that will inform you about the audience’s insight.

If you don’t understand your audience, then starting an affiliate site in 2021 doesn’t make sense because you just can’t target everyone out there.

For example –

If your niche is golf, you will have to understand the number of people who play golf and deeply interested in it.

But you can’t assume every sports lover as your targeted audience.

Performing market research will not only tell you about your market insights but also says a lot about your audience.

Guideline to market research for affiliate marketing in 2021

  1. How to make Buyer Persona for your Affiliate Marketing Blog (List of your Targeted audience)

Once you have selected the niche you are blog about and ready to kick start your affiliate site, now you have to identify your target audience to get the most out of your affiliate marketing site.

A buyer character is a semi-fictional depiction of their prototypical customer in a target industry.

A target audience is an integral part of a well-developed marketing plan. Your site success is attained when you’ve got a compelling product mix that meets the special needs of a specific market.

Buyer persons are imaginary profiles of your targeted audience based on interest, demographics, age, gender, and behavior.

Understanding your audience, will not only help you to offer the right products to the right people at right time but it will also help you to create the content that addresses the pain points of your ideal customers.

Guideline to make buyer persona for affiliate marketing blog

  1. How to choose profitable products for your Affiliate Marketing? 

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to pick and share the right products that match your niche.

76 percent of new affiliate marketers don’t get a living from affiliate marketing only because they don’t pick the right product to promote.

Affiliate marketing has become the key source of earnings for all existing content creators. It’s a tried and tested approach and it will surely give you success once you choose the best affiliate program to promote.

Getting success in affiliate marketing isn’t as complex as you may think, you just need to be consistent, by utilizing the mixture of the right affiliate marketing strategies.

choose an affiliate marketing product

Guideline to choosing the right product for your Affiliate Marketing Blog

  1. How to choose the Right Affiliate Program in 2021?

If you use affiliate marketing as an extra revenue flow, or it is your primary source of site earnings, finding the best product to promote is essential.

When it comes to selecting an affiliate program, there are several factors you need to have a look at, such as commission rate, policies, cookies life cycle payout duration, etc.

With a lot to select from, this might initially appear a daunting task but with a little guide, picking the right affiliate programs should not be as hard as you might believe.

Here are the top 10 tips to choose the right best affiliate programs that will give you extraordinary success in your blog.

  1. How to choose the right domain name and Webhosting for your Affiliate Marketing site

Now you have a clear idea and imaginary look of your blog, it’s time to get your blog live on the internet.

If you are still reading this post with interest it means you have a basic idea about blogs and websites. Now it’s time to invest some money in your affiliate marketing blog, yes I’m talking about Domain and web-shooting.

However, there is so much confusing content available on the internet about the domain and web hosting but choosing the website domain name isn’t really tough and you may easily pick an ideal domain name for your brand new site.

Here I will give you 4 tested and proven tips to select the right domain name and a genuine review of the best web hosting options available in the market that doesn’t look at your bank.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading and researching the best domains and hosting options available in the market.

I will explain this section in the two following parts:

  • Choosing the right domain name for your Affiliate Marketing Blog

If you have already selected your domain, you may skip this section.

Here are the 4 tested and proven tips to select the right domain name-

  • Keep the domain Short & Simple -Attempt to keep your domain name as short as possible, do not make it too long since it isn’t easy to pronounce, and remember your domain name only because it’s easy to recall. (Jon Morrow changed their domain name to BoostBlogTraffic into SmartBlogger, and their site is gaining millions of traffic since today his domain name appears straightforward).
  • Try to include the main keyword of your niche (if possible) – If you include the main key phrase of your niche, it will easy for your audience to remember the site name as anyone can get to know what your website is all about, just by hearing the name of your domain.
  • Never include numbers-  You must not include numbers in your domain name since it is not easy to recall the amounts
  • Always Use high-class Extension – I advise you to utilize a high-end domain extension such as .com since it is a global extension. It’s not necessary either, you can go for the country specified extension if you are targeting a particular country.

If you’re still unable to figure out the domain name of your affiliate site then you can discover brandable domain using this platform: LeanDomainSearch

  • Choosing the right Webhosting for your Affiliate Marketing Blog

This is a very crucial step because Webhosting is the backbone of your site. With so many confusing options available in the market, you may be wondering which hosting you should use?

There is no single answer to your question because there are different kinds of web hosting available in the market and it depends on your needs & budget which one you should choose.

If done correctly, you can happily go ahead toward your journey of success in blogging with a trusted and high-performing host who’s always available to respond to your burning late-night queries. But, rushing to a hosting provider without doing your investigation could lead to feeling trapped, scammed, or extorted.

Choosing the incorrect host frequently ends with frustration and loss of your money that can demotivate you.

I have written a comprehensive guide for beginners to choose the right web hosting in which I will tell you about the best budget Webhosting options available in the market.

  1. How to do Keyword Research for the affiliate marketing site in 2021?

Keyword research for affiliate marketing is extremely important, as it’s what allows your viewers to find your content whenever they want it most.

Placing all your efforts into affiliate marketing, building a website, blogging, and marketing will not possess the sort of impact you’re trying to find if you are not doing proper Keyword research to make sure your site is visible to the right audience at right time.

By finding the ideal keywords and use them in content, you are setting yourself up to be put the right roadmap for your affiliate marketing journey.

Guideline for Effective Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing Blog

  1. How to write Affiliate Blogs that convert and generate sales? 

After I got started with affiliate marketing, I’d no clue what I was doing. I thought it had been as straightforward as slapping some affiliate links in my posts and the earnings would begin rolling in.

But it doesn’t work like that!

When I started a blog I had a dream of earning a lot of passive income just like you.

But this was not happening. I had been earning $0 out of affiliate revenue.

I tried to look for the solution and I found that I am not producing quality content that encourages users to make a purchase.

As we say the content is king, you must have to show the reflection of the quality in your writing.

Read this comprehensive guide on how to write the best quality content for your affiliate marketing blog (add the link of a recent article, now It is in draft) that will convince users to make a purchase whenever they visit your affiliate site.

  • Generate Traffic on your Affiliate Marketing blog

This is the most important part of any affiliate blog, just like you have opened a shop in a great location and you have everything good along with a beautiful interior but what if no one is visiting your shop?

You have read all the important steps for starting an affiliate marketing blog. You have knowledge of creating affiliate blog and implementing Strategies. You have completed 10 steps to starting an affiliate marketing site in 2021.

Now you will learn about the following resources to generate tons of traffic on your affiliate site.

  1. How to generate traffic from Social media marketing to your Affiliate Blog? 

You have probably heard social networking is a favorite way for companies to interact with their target audiences.

92 percent of small business proprietors using social media believe it is important for their business. Why?

By the end of 2020 – Social media users expected to reach 2.5 billion and there has never been a better way to discover and connect with your audience.

So how will you use social networking to grow an affiliate marketing site? You may begin with driving visitors to your website.

Pinterest — to discuss visual content, such as pictures and infographics out of your site
Reedit — to establish your knowledge within a niche, and participate with a committed community
Tumblr — to make a multimedia journal to support your website

However, with all these platforms, each offering distinct value, how will you decide which one to focus on?

Here is your guide to drive tons of traffic from social media on your affiliate marketing blog.

  1. How to run an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign for Affiliate Marketing? 

With various audience targeting options, Facebook is the top choice of affiliate marketers to run social media advertising ad campaigns.

Facebook gives a very high return on investment in ads if used strategically.

Although, you can also use Facebook as an organic way of promoting your posts it limits your organic reach.

And the most important thing you need to know is, Facebook doesn’t allow you to promote your affiliate links directly via ads – however, you can boost the reach of landing pages and blog content that contains affiliate links.

To learn more about how you can effectively use Facebook ad campaigns to generate quick affiliate revenue read this ultimate guide.

Guide to running an effective Facebook ads campaign for your affiliate marketing blog. 

  1. The ultimate guide to Email Marketing for Affiliate site in 2021

An affiliate marketing email campaign is a little twist to your traditional email plan.

Creating your own email list allows you to engage with your audience in a way you like. The only other station that provides you a similar benefit is a social networking site.

But that has some drawbacks….

If you rely on social networking platforms, you are powerless against algorithm modifications, temporary shutdowns, or the risk that the system’s popularity will decrease.

Are you wondering what to do then?

Email marketing is your ultimate solution

Additionally, the people in your email list are not cold leads. Each and every person in your list watched your content and willingly handed over their email address.

They might not become lifelong customers, but they’re far better than the chilly traffic coming out of your pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

And that is what makes email marketing the ideal tool for affiliate marketers.

If you are limiting your affiliate links to the only site and YouTube description then you are missing out on significant earning potential.

However, not anymore.

I am going to teach you how you can get the most out of it, by creating an Automatic E-mail marketing campaign for your affiliate marketing blog.

  1. How to create and set up a Lead Magnet?

If you would like to create a strong audience base that makes a repeated purchase and increase your revenue, then your affiliate marketing blog needs a lead magnet.

Why? Because the email is a really personal thing. Individuals are not simply going to provide you their email addresses without expecting something valuable in return.

Let’s see an example,

You have an article on the top 10 ways to enhance your customer support. At the close of the article, you either ask viewers to join your email list to get the latest articles and offers directly deliver into their inbox.

Or you can ask visitors to join your email list and receive a free, downloadable PDF case study that enhanced customer support.

In which case your readers are most likely to give you their email addresses.

Precisely–the next one!

So, now that you know the value of lead magnets, you might be wondering what makes a fantastic lead magnet.

I have an answer to your query, just refer to these detailed guide on creating a lead magnet.

The ultimate guide to creating an effective and powerful lead magnet for your affiliate marketing blog 

  1. Use Google Analytics to improve your affiliate marketing site

This is the last part of the successful affiliate marketing blog Series and most bloggers neglect it.

It plays an important part in the success of your affiliate site.

In 2021, people have lots of options and they are not obligated to buy from your site.

The content on your site and the strategies you use is the key to your success.

You should constantly keep looking at your analytics dashboard to see what is working and what is not working.

Analytic insight gives you an idea about the most visited pages of your website so you can consider them as good signals and track how users are engaging with your affiliate website.

If there is a page on a website that is not getting views you can either edit the content or remove it completely.

I’ve written a very easy and the ultimate guide on google search analytic that will help you to learn how your blog is performing and what is not working. Read this guide and improve your blog constantly to get better over time.


Always be careful with the information you consume, Affiliate marketing is not quick earning magic that will earn you a thousand dollars within a week.

You have to be patient and avoid fake gurus who claim extraordinary success within a short span of time.

Surely it will take some time to scale your site from scratch to advance but in the end, it will be worth it.

If you have any doubt or question in your head on how to start an Affiliate marketing blog from scratch, you can ping me in the comment section. I am looking forward to solving your queries.

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