7 Step Ultimate Guide to Find Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

So, do you want to start a profitable affiliate marketing blog, however, the thing that is holding you back is the right niche?

And, frankly, this is sometimes tricky: You can list all your favourite niches but selecting the profitable niche for affiliate marketing might be difficult for you.

If In regards to affiliate marketing the market is an increasingly overcrowded place filled with unsuccessful affiliate marketers without having knowledge of the targeted audience and promoting irrelevant items everywhere.

Affiliate marketing blog like this, might work years ago but in 2020 the things have changed, people have a lot of option to buy, why should they only choose you? You have to give them a reason to choose you.

To start a long-term and Sustainable blog, you have to carefully pick the right profitable niche for affiliate marketing, understand the demands of your audience, and eventually become their most reliable source of knowledge.

You should always narrow down the category of any niche as far as possible, rather than targeting everybody, which is the only way ahead. Always remember everyone is not your customer.

However, how exactly do you find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing blog?

How do the most successful affiliate marketers find the right niche?

Do successful affiliate marketers have any process to choose the right profitable niche or they do it based on their experience?

In this informative article, we’ll discuss 9 proven tips to find profitable niches so you can begin replicating it straight away.


What is a niche?

Before I proceed, allow me to inform you exactly what a niche is.

The term has different meanings in various contexts, but also in affiliate marketing, the right niche is only a more concentrated and narrower marketplace within a bigger profit.

Affiliate marketing is the tradition of producing content and marketing products that are tailored to the demands of a specific niche market.

Before I tell you about the process of finding the best profitable niche for affiliate marketing, let’s discuss the things you should keep in your mind to make sure you get success in your niche.

Here are the key indicators of a profitable affiliate marketing niches.

  • The niche should target a specific and narrow audience
  • A profitable niche is narrow, well-defined, and concentrated towards a specified audience.
  • A small and narrow niche can be a multi-million-dollar business with a lot of sub-niches inside.

A niche could be “weight management for teenagers”

Are you really getting my point?

If you choose something like, “weight management” it would never work out for you because it’s a very broad niche with so many big business biddings on that niche to sell their products by investing tons of money and resources.

However, you don’t need to zoom in a lot into a market that you are left with no space to grow and expand your affiliate marketing blog as you should never choose a very narrow niche such as, “weight management for teenager with eating habits” That leaves no space to expand your blog.

Here are the 9 steps that you can follow to choose the right profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing Blog.

  1. Identify what are your interests.

This is something you have already done. However, if you have not, make a list of your favourite thing on which you produce content and stay consistent with it.

Affiliate marketing is not easy, and also at some stage, it will examine you. If you’re working within an area that you don’t care about, your probability of stopping will considerably increase.

This does not imply that you need to locate a perfect match. If you’re enthusiastic about a facet of running an affiliate marketing blog, you will stay with this. If you do not care about the subject, you might not have the ability to obtain the drive inside to persevere.

To know about the right niche choice for you to ask yourself these questions

Just how would you prefer to spend your spare time?

What should you anticipate doing when you are not doing this?

What topics would you want to find out about most?

Can you stay consistent and produce the content for this niche?

Once you answer these questions to yourself, you will have a list of few niches in your hand. I’m pretty sure that this list will be shorter than the imaginary list of multiple ideas that were wandering in your mind.

Keep this list in your hand and start narrowing down the list based on the following steps to find the right profitable niche for affiliate marketing blog.


  1. Identify problems you can solve.

A profitable niche for affiliate marketing relies on issues and quarries


Because people mainly spend money to eliminate a problem/fulfil a Want or to pursue a fire.

There are some niches in the market in which cost doesn’t really matter much.

But these types of a niche are very competitive you can’t really make a successful affiliate marketing blog by targeting such niches if you are a single man army.

Examples of this niche are Weight loss, fitness.

Meanwhile, passion niches revolve around topics such as travel, love, and hobbies, etc.

With the list in your hand, you are all set to begin narrowing down your choices. To make a profitable affiliate marketing blog, first, you have to seek out issues your target clients are experiencing, then decide whether you are able to actually resolve them.

Here are a number of things you can do in order to identify issues in particular niches:

  • Have one-on-one discussions or idea-extraction sessions together with your intended audiences. Be certain you discover or create a frame for asking questions that help you discover pain points.
  • Research on public forums like Quora, or find forums related to your targeted niche, then have a look at the talks which are happening. What difficulties do they really have?
  • Research keywords, this could help you find popular search phrases associated with pain points.

These are all wide industries but you can dig and approach them from various angles to deal with certain issues and fires.

The bigger the Issue or the more enthusiastic Men and Women are about a Subject the longer they will be eager to pay.

It is about identifying the Ideal issues and solving them at a Profitable method.

This is where new affiliate marketing marketers make mistakes.

Rather than issues and fires, their market choice relies on products.

That is a completely wrong approach because it restricts you to this Item range only.


  1. Start with a narrow focus but a big vision.

Your Long-term aim ought to be to develop your affiliate marketing blog into other closely connected niches so you can drive visitors for a far wider array of keywords and open a broad assortment of monetization opportunities.

However, the Ideal way to this is, to begin with, a concentrated Market and build authority inside by publishing high-quality content and generating links from related sites.

When it begins to rank for high traffic keywords in 1 market and Becomes a power inside, expanding to other relevant markets becomes much simpler.

It is like a snowball effect as you are minding the authority you have built-in 1 market to expand to other related markets.

That is the path most prosperous affiliate blog take to achieve from state 100K annually to 1M annually

In Brief, the right profitable niche for affiliate marketing is unique and well-defined but has space for expansion into other relevant topics.


  1. Check how much knowledge you have in the niche that you have selected

Alright, this component is straightforward but significant.

Before you finalize the niche and start producing the content, you have to evaluate your existing comprehension of its fundamental theories and practices.

It is already your hobby but do you really understand enough about it to conduct a site?

You do not Have to be an expert in a targeted niche to earn cash (please recall that).

You simply need to know more than your Target audience that is it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you understand why folks care about this niche?
  • What motivates them to invest money in it?
  • Can you understand their important issues or requirements?
  • Can you record the very best problems/needs?
  • Can you produce content that addresses those requirements (with study)?


If your answer is “Yes” to all those questions, you are good enough to go with the niche you choose.

However, even in the event that you cannot create content yourself but have a fantastic idea about the profitable niche for affiliate marketing, you may always hire writers that understand it to write for you.

But, if you are totally clueless about a market, it is far better to steer clear of it for your first two or three sites.


  1. Know whether it’s profitable or not

You must now have a fairly good idea of exactly what niche you are going to enter. Perhaps you haven’t narrowed down your list to one topic area, however, you have probably found a couple of thoughts you are feeling quite good about. Now, it is important to get a notion of just how much profit you’ve got the capacity to earn your speciality.

You do not need to spend time and funds in a market where there is no cash.

Luckily, it is pretty simple to assess the sustainability of a market and ascertain whether you are able to create a sustainable company inside or not.

Primarily, head to Google Search and enter a few of your primary topic keywords.

Our goal here is to have an overall idea of the keywords people are using to look for our subject.

For example, I have searched for the market subject” weight loss for girls”

Scroll down the search Page to discover related keywords for this subject.

profitable niche for affiliate marketing


All these are possible Topics to your market in which people are actively looking for.

Now copy these keywords and head to Google Keyword Planner to find out whether there is enough search volume to your target market.

In the general niche and its associated subjects have a lot of monthly searches.


Should you enter this niche, you are going to be generating content about the majority of those keywords because they are closely linked.

The CPC worth (right next To Vol) from the screenshot shows the price per click which advertisers are all set to cover this keyword at Google Ads.

It’s nothing to perform directly using affiliate marketing.

It is not a standing Index or a step of keyword’s worth. It is just the cost that advertisers are prepared to pay for this.

However, it will give us a notion of a keyword’s sustainability.

When a keyword has a top CPC value, it is a sign that the advertisers are earning a great deal of cash by standing because of it.

For example, for the keyword” weight loss for women over 40″ that the CPC worth is 4.01.

Any marketer or business would just cover $4 per click to get a keyword if they are making considerably more money in yield (by selling goods or services or affiliate products)

This is a fairly great Sign that the weight loss niche is very profitable but also competitive. You just can’t run a successful affiliate marketing blog because you have chosen the profitable niche, as the profitability of niche hike, the competition always hikes up, we will talk about the competition analysis in the below section.

However, to further confirm the right profitable niche for affiliate marketing, head to some popular internet affiliate advertising platform, and find out how popular would be the products associated with this market.


  1. Check the niche’s trend

Definitely, you don’t want to start an affiliate marketing blog that gives you sales occasionally, on a special event.

This term is also called event blogging but here we are talking about the profitable affiliate marketing blog that constantly generates income without getting down with time.

IF you are looking for long-term success you should never go for a niche if its traffic gets down with time. However, you can run some small niche-based event blogs later when you become an expert and gain some knowledge of how exactly affiliate marketing works.

To start a successful and profitable affiliate marketing blog, you need to invest your time, money, and resources in an evergreen niche. A type of niche that’s demand hike up with time.

Now you already figured out the niche to start a blog but…

How will you find out which niche will be profitable for long term success?

How will you evaluate its trend?

Now it’s time to introduce with google trend tool. This is an outstanding weapon to haunt the profitable niche for affiliate marketing website and check the trend of any topic over the internet.

You can see the graph based on how popular the niche is with respect to time, what are the other related topic that is in trends.

There is also an option to switch the countries and time duration to see the most specific data.


Now I have put the keyword and google trends that we have used for example previously, let’s see the popularity of this niche is growing with respect to time.


Here is additional data for this niche, where we can switch the countries and cities also to see the more specific data.


Because we have selected the narrow niche, few data might be unavailable. If you will try to search for any broad niche, you will get tons of data. Google trends show the most accurate data.


  1. Research your competition.

The existence of competition is not always a terrible thing. It could really be showing you that you have found a profitable market. However, you need to perform a comprehensive evaluation of rival sites. Make a new spreadsheet and begin logging all the competing sites you may find.

Then determine if there is still a chance to stick out from the audience. Would you rank for your keywords? Can there be a way to distinguish yourself and make a special offer?

There are a few strategies you can apply to overcome your competitors and find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

 Low-quality content: It’s simple to outrank your competitors in a niche where other websites aren’t creating high-quality, detailed content that serves the purpose of the targeted audience. You can grab this opportunity and quickly start creating highly relevant and concentrated content that offers the right products to the audience by solving their problems and understanding needs.

Lack of transparency: Transparency is the most important factor between you and your targeted audience when it comes to a successful affiliate marketing blog. Whatever the service or product you are promoting, you must be transparent in sharing the benefits or conns of products as well.

Analyze the content gap and fill it up: You may also analyze your competitors to locate gaps in your industry

This is where the real fun begins. To Earn Money in a niche, you must discover untapped opportunities for advancement areas that many others are dismissing.

Your Objective here is straightforward. You need to identify strategies to become better compared to existing websites in your niche. There is always room for advancement, you only have to appear close enough.

For Example, if many sites in your targeted niche are publishing product reviews just, it is possible to easily make a more useful site by embracing a holistic content strategy along with publishing a balanced mix of different content types like articles posts, tutorials, reviews, info-articles, case studies, videos, podcasts, etc.


Once you will start acting along with all the above given points and start building your website based on it. You will automatically be pushed into the process of finding the perfect and the right profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

In my final thoughts, I would like to let you know that there are several things you need to consider while choosing the niche, the success of your blog depends on it.

Don’t rush and start creating content on any niche come in your mind, However choosing the niche in which you are interested in always a good idea but as I mentioned in the article, you should always perform research like its trends, popularity, profitability, and competition.

So guys, did you find the right niche after reading this guide?

Tell me in the comment section, I’m looking forward to seeing what niche you have decided.

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