What are the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing in 2020?

If are planning to get into Affiliate Marketing then you may be wondering, “Where can I find a profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing?

Let me tell you the straight answer…

Every niche is profitable if you market it properly, but having a list of different niches will give you an idea about the estimated earning if you calculate it with the estimated traffic of your Affiliate Marketing channel.


In the following guide, you will learn about

  • 3 industry niche that is evergreen and profitable
  • Popular sub-niches on which rich people spend money
  • Profitable niches that can pay you up to 1,000 $ per month


When looking for profitable niches you should also aim for low competition and popular niche.

The most people committee that mistake while choosing the niche is that they look for the niche where they can earn more profit instead of the niche in which they are interested.

And they don’t earn any affiliate income even after choosing one of the most profitable niches in Affiliate Marketing, to avoid this mistakes you should always look for the niche on which you can work for months, write 100 of blogs and promote continually without getting bored.

Even when if you are planning to heir freelance writer, still you should be doing most of the major tasks like keyword research and content planning etc.

You should spend a penalty of time in planning your content.

You may be wondering why I went off-topic and started telling you about content and writing work instead of niches, but these are the question you should actually ask yourself before you pick any niche based on its profitability.

Will you be able to do all of these work for the long term?

Do you have enough interest in the niche?

If your answer is yes then any chosen niche is profitable for you, don’t compare the niche of your interest, to the other niches which are more profitable.

There is one broad niche which is called industry niche.

Example of this niches are…

Health, Digital, Wealth, Romance.

And secondly, there are small sub-niches which fall under the main niche.

By the way of the instance…

Yoga, exercise, Gym, Fat loss, diet program all of these are examples of sub-niches which fall under the main industry niche of Health.

Don’t change your interest-based industry niche just because you found another niche industry more profitable.

In this informative guide, I will tell you about the various options available to choose from under your main industry niche.

Pay attention to your industry niche and choose any of sub-niche under which fall under it.

By the end of this post, you will be able to answer, what profitable niche is? And how you can find the right one.



What is a profitable niche?

As I told you before, if you have a passion for something and you can create content on it, then any niche is profitable for you.

And this guide is to help you to find out the various sub-niches under the industry niche of your interest.

All niches are profitable if they have…

  • Lots of easy to find costumers.
  • Plenty of information in the form of search result pages
  • Competition
  • A stream of new offer appearing all the time

List of a most profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2020 

1. Health & wellness

most profitable niches for affiliate marketing

Health and wellness is an evergreen niche that never goes out of trend and its popularity will keep getting increase over time.

Overall, who doesn’t want to look younger, stay healthy and live a longer life?

According to the research conducted by Businesswire, Global health market share is worth 11.9 trillion $ which is bigger than the GDP of any country except China and America, now you imagine how much profit affiliate marketers are earning in Health niche.

People will always be looking for a way to look young and stay top in health.

There are limitless earning opportunities in health niche for an Affiliate Marketer.

Reason to get into Health niche for Affiliate Marketing  

  • Product’s price is very high, it can give you the highest commission for each product or service you sell.
  • Apart from big health equipment like trade meal and health machines you can also promote the training programs provided by a health expert. They can share at least half the amount of total price of the product.
  • Health and wellness niche has many sub-niches with passionate people around, who are willing to pay any amount because they always put their health first.

Tip – if you are just starting or even if you already started and build an audience base, always narrow down your focus as far as possible and targeted small sub-niches.

If you are a single man army, it might be impossible for you to stay at the edge of competition.

Because Health niches are super competitive and lots of big products manufacturer companies always try to stay on top by investing tons of money in marketing, advertising and promoting their products.

For instance –

Instead of targeting yoga which is a big market place in itself, you can target a very specific and small sub-niche that fall under yoga. Like yoga for a spinal card, yoga for pregnant mothers etc.

Here is a list of sub-niches that fall under the health and wellness category

  • Yoga
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing testosterone
  • Diabetic recipes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Quit Smoking
  • Healthy Cooking


2. Wealth & money making

Almost profitable niches for Affiliate Marketing comes under the wealth and money-making category because people want to learn, “how to earn”.

There are lots of categories under the wealth & Money making niches for Affiliate Marketing like Blogging, lottery, gambling, trading, Affiliate Marketing etc.

You can promote high-end products, services and training programs offered by blogger, Youtubers and companies.

The best part of this niche is, you can start your own stuff after gaining some experience.

This industry is worth 100 Billion $ in the UK alone and the popularity of this niche is never going to fade away as people will not stop looking for ways to earn money.

Why you should get into the wealth and money-making niche for Affiliate Marketing?

  • People want to learn, “How to earn” and they are ready to invest the big amount to get information, training, tools and services which help them to reach their goals.
  • It is an evergreen niche, people are not gonna stop looking for ways to earn money.
  • Many products and services are expensive and need ongoing purchase. Like if you teaching, “how to start a blog and earn 1000$ per month” then you will probably promoting web hosting plans which are quite expensive and need repeated purchase.

Here is a list of sub-niches that fall under Wealth and Money making niches for Affiliate Marketing.

  • Financial
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Amazon FBA
  • How to make money blogging for beginners
  • Online Jobs
  • App Development
  • House Sitting
  • Backyard Chicken
  • Solar Power
  • 3d Printing
  • Senior living


3. Romance & Relationship niches

This niche alone is more profitable than above-mentioned niches because the demand for online dating services is hicking up over time.

It has many sub-niches like online dating, finding a spouse or getting your ex back.

A report provided by StasticsBrain shows that 49,250,000 people in the USA alone, tried online dating platform in the last two years.

Another report published by the wire shows, in 2015, this industry was worth 2 billion Doller.

Now you can imagine, how much profit you can earn in romance niche is?

Apart from dating and flirting, there is marriage niche which is most profitable.

Due to the lifestyle of the digital age, many married couples are having problems in their marriage life, it might be related to carrier, kids, finance or cheating on partner etc.

Sometimes relationships might come at the edge of the end, desperation is painful and people want to seek counselling before ending up relationships.

If you got skills and interest to give counselling over relationships, you can start your blog, YouTube channel to attract the audience and offer them a personal counselling session.

Marriage counselling generally costs up to 200$ per hour.


Reason to get into romance niche for Affiliate Marketing…

  • Young people want the best partner and they are ready to pay for the book, program and course that teach them how to do it effectively.
  • This niche is evergreen, regardless of session and trend.
  • There are already a lot of websites on this niche, they can be your great allies if you learn how to make a connection with them, you can drive a lot of relevant traffic on your website.


People always look for ways to find the best life partner or to make matter well with an existing partner and this desire led them to pay tons of money on online services.

The following are top sub-niches of Romance & Relationships 


  • Online dating
  • Healthy relationship
  • Better sex life
  • Couple gifts ideas
  • Marriage counselling


How to choose the most profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing?

Your goal should be choosing a niche in which you can really get success, just haunting for profitable niche will not give you success because the niche which is profitable and high in demand, is competitive.

Even in paid advertising, Big brands and companies are willing to bid on keywords related to the competitive niche.

I have written this comprehensive guide to choosing the right niche for Affiliate Marketing as a beginner.

If you haven’t started your website and you are educating yourself before making a start then you should definitely read this informative blog post.



As I already mention twice in this article, if you have passion for any niche and you thin, you can write 100 of blogs and other content without getting bored for a long time then you should go for it.

There are tons of high-end products, services, training and courses available almost in every niche.

Your sole purpose of selecting a profitable niche should be based on your insert.

So what are you passionate about? What did you learn from this blog?

What niche did you select? Tell me in the comment section.


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