How to Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing Campaign in 2021

Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income and like other marketing, it also requires traffic to get success.

If you are reading this article it means you are already into affiliate marketing and trying to boost your SEO with keyword research for an affiliate marketing campaign.

It all starts with keyword research.

According to the top Affiliate Marketers “ONE KEYWORD” can change YOUR LIFE.

The right keyword research for affiliate marketing will establish your authority under your niche.

In this article, I will show you how you can effectively doa ffiliate keyword research.

The Importance of Keywords in Affiliate Marketing?


Strategic keywords research is an essential part of any successful affiliate marketing website if you would like to drive visitors to your affiliate advertising campaign, you have to concentrate on keywords.

Affiliate keyword research plays a significant part in how well your article’s rankings in search engine results. Selecting keywords can be hard, however. To find quality keywords, you will want to locate ones that have large search volumes within your speciality.

For example, if you are running a website on woman shoes, then targeting, “woman shoes” would be wrong keyword for you affiliate marketing website because it’s too broad and it has too many sub-niches and category under itself.

Your main purpose must be targeting those subcategories under the “women shoes” niche instead of targeting the exact same keyword because there are too many big brands already targeting this keyword. This subcategory under your main keyword is called long-tail keywords, it may have more than two or three words like “women shoes for running” might be the right keyword for your affiliate marketing website.

If you targeted short tail keyword it would be impossible for you to get rank and to be found by the targeted customer because you may not have the type of marketing resources in comparison to those competitive companies and websites.

Let’s understand some dipper value of these two types of keywords

Short tail keywords

Short keywords are just one or two words containing the name of the main niche. These keywords always have more traffic than long-tail keywords but it doesn’t mean all the traffic that comes on these keywords is relevant and will generate more affiliate sales.

Plus targeting short-tail keywords might be too competitive and sometimes impossible to rank if there are already too many high authority websites ranking on top search results under your niche.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are particularly important for affiliate marketing because they concentrate on user intent. The closer a man or woman is to purchasing, the more particular their search phrases are.

On the other hand, the folks looking for them are far more applicable to your attention market, and more likely to convert to sales.

Along with that also, a long tail keyword is a very long, special search query, normally composed of two to five words.

for instance –

let’s assume we have a short tail keyword, “yoga”

Now let’s see the example of the long-tail keyword of “yoga”

as you can see, “yoga for lower back pain for seniors” is long-tail keyword containing 6-7 words”

Due to the Duration, long-tail keywords are generally quite specific in character. They have a tendency to be low quantity, meaning they are less hunted compared to their short-tail keyword counterparts.

This aspect might why waste time targeting keywords that barely anyone hunts?

It turns out it is not a waste of time in Any Way, since when you Target long-tail keywords:

  • Your affiliate site is more likely to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Users are far more likely to convert

Finding the right Keywords for Affiliate Marketing Campaign

keyword research for affiliate marketing

There are plenty of ways that you can use to find the right and highly relevant keywords for the affiliate marketing website but it is always better to follow a process to find the right one.

It makes the keyword research process easy and fast.

Here I am going to show you to process of finding the right and highly relevant long-tail keywords for the affiliate marketing website.

Keep reading the article till the end…

1. Get any idea you can think of on paper

The first step is to take a pen & paper and use your brain to write down some main keywords related to your niche.

A manual session can be among the main tools in getting that excellent base in keyword searches for affiliate marketing.

The ideal training can provide you with tools to start your guide brainstorming session should you discover you have struck a psychological roadblock, or you could just begin with the fundamentals and work your way from there. For example, using the auto chair example, consider yourself exactly what you’d search for and the conditions that you would use if you were looking for auto seat advice online.

These typical search terms will generally be the very same others are going to use when searching for the exact same info, so use them on your articles to be sure it’ll be discovered by people searching for the answers along with the product recommendations that you supply.


2. Take your manually written keyword list to the next level and Find seed

As soon as you’ve completed your guide brainstorming, choose your record of General search terms you have to develop and utilize them to make more in-depth keywords and phrases that branch from these.

This one is really good and the easy way to do so is to visit a site such as or comparable, study your market, and then dig through the outline and review segments to see relevant phrases or words which often develop when using those search phrases.

Employing the automobile seat instance, you might see “comfy”, “easy to install”, or “lightweight”, and also you are able to add these phrases to your brainstormed keywords to draw audiences by providing specific elements of the products they’re searching for. This piece of study is really going to direct you down a route to learning what aspects of the market product, whatever product could possibly be, that customers actually value and put above your competitors

Other Fantastic places to Search for all these seed type keywords are associated Forums to your market products or wanted audiences or query and answer sites associated with a preferred product group.

These can show you what gets people talking about your product, and also what they would most like to understand, which means that you may use this information to turn your site and your content more visible to viewers searching for answers. Even affiliate marketing communities can assist in connecting you along with other affiliate marketers where it is possible to discuss your resources and any information you have found.


3.  Research your competitors

Your competitors are great resources to check the insight of your niche, if you planning an SEO strategy then it is a good idea to check your competitor’s website because they have already done all the groundwork for you.

You can copy their SEO strategies and make it better to outperform them. You can also analyze the content gap and keyword gap of your competitors by using the SEMRUSH tool, it will help to outperform competitors quickly.


4.  Use Keyword tools to Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

Keyword research tools are great resources to find the long-tail keywords, they also provide the deep analytic of keywords along with competition analysis.

There are many tools available in the market but SEMRUSH and AHREF are the two best and highly recommended keyword research tools that show the deep analytic of keywords.

You can also use google keyword planner to find the relevant keywords but it is made for Ads campaign purpose rather than SEO so it doesn’t provide the important analytic of keyword for SEO and competition. But still it’s a great tool for relevant keywords, once you find the right keywords you can later analyze them by using any paid tool.

I recommend the SEMRUSH keyword research tool, it has data of more than 300 million different keywords and it also has some great features like keyword magic tool and topic research that might be super useful for your affiliate marketing campaign.

Here is a snipping from AHREF’s website, It is showing the details about the keyword “Best Web Hosting”.

competitive analysis for affiliate marketing


5. Keep the user’s search intent in mind

Keyword Research for affiliate advertising should also bear in mind what the true search the aim of this consumer. As opposed to simply speaking socially about your speciality goods, and answering audience questions, be certain you include real suggestions and keywords that indicate objective for buyers.

If an individual is simply seeking to really have a question answered about a vehicle seat, but maybe not always purchase, their keyword search phrases would signify that, and this also works for another way around also. As opposed to simply discussing the item, include phrases and keywords which urge or suggest readers buy the item and also have your affiliate link prepared and attached to the keyword to send them into a proposed choice.

An Illustration of the intent on your keyword search for affiliate advertising utilizing the car seat an example could be “best automobile seats to purchase” over departing the keyword at “Best Automobile Chairs”.


6. Remove the Highly Competitive Keywords from your list

Together with your long list of possible keywords, you will also need to remove the highly competitive keywords and phrases that don’t actually give you the edge you desire. Ideally, you would like your site to be more observable than all of the rest, and those highly competitive keywords are not likely to be people who put you facing others.

The most aggressive keywords are generally the very typical or common keywords and phrases, “best automobile seats” are regarded as an extremely aggressive and very tough keyword to use, so you will rather like to be more particular with something more along the lines of “top car seat to purchase for your own sports car”.


Finding the ideal keywords to use and running the best keyword Research for affiliate advertising is really going to set you on the road to visibility and success. you should always follow a well-researched and proven technique to do the keyword research for the affiliate marketing campaign, it will save you a lot of time, resources, and efforts.

If you have any tips related to affiliate keyword research, tell me in the comment section. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

You can also read this guide on my blog about how to use those keywords and Write Affiliate Articles that Converts.

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