How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Amazon affiliate is the world’s most popular affiliate program, it’s connected to the world’s largest marketplace.

This affiliate program allows bloggers and site owners to monetize the content on their site with affiliate products related to their niche.

If you redirect the visitors from your site to Amazon, you get a commission on each product you purchase.

The best part is, amazon affiliates offer cross and up commission.


For example –

If you send someone on amazon to purchase kitchen equipment but he ends up buying a washing machine then you will get the commission, if he/she buys both, washing machine and kitchen equipment and a bunch of other things, you will get a commission on all of them.

That’s why the amazon affiliate program is very popular.


How to do amazon affiliate marketing: Step by Step Guide for Beginners 


  1. Choose a Good Niche 

Do you know the Wirecutter is the world’s most popular amazon affiliate site? They earn millions of affiliate commissions every month from the amazon affiliate program.

They are more like another big eCommerce site that promotes affiliate products almost in every niche.

If you are planning to start a similar site then you should stop and rethink…

They have separate teams of marketers, writers, and SEO pros.

It’s just an example, there are tons of similar sites that exist in the market in almost every niche.

If you are a single man army then you should never plan to start an amazon affiliate site without narrowing down your niche that focuses on a small group of a specific audience.


Focus on niche based on your interest

Most of the affiliate marketers lose their interest in affiliate marketing because they were not passionate about the niche they choose.

If you choose a niche based on your interest then it will motivate you to work on your site without getting bored.

Grab the paper and pen and start writing your hobbies then find a related niche that resonates with your interest and hobbies.

If you are struggling to come up with a niche here is a list of the best profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

Additionally, you can use amazon itself to come up with ideas, it has several subcategories to choose from…

how to do amazon affiliate marketing



7 Step Ultimate Guide to Find Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2020



2. Check Commission Rate

Checking the commission rate of any niche is an essential step before you proceed with it.

Amazon has different commission rates for different categories, make sure you choose a niche that has a higher than a 2% commission rate, anything below it is not worthy to work on because it will require huge traffic to earn minimum income.

If your niche falls under the 0% commission categories, then you will have to choose another niche.


3. Check Products Price

Promoting high price product will not give you a high affiliate commission and that’s where the beginner affiliate marketers committee the mistake.

If a smart TV is costing 4,000$ then its 2.5% commission will be 100$ per sale but the problem is, users are less likely to click and buy high-end products right away.

If you promote a less costly product, you are most likely to earn more affiliate income because low-end products generate more sales.

There is a conflict between the ideal price ranges, if you choose the costly products your conversion rate will suffer and if you choose the low-end product your income will hurt.

Most successful affiliate marketers suggest keeping the ideal product range around 300$


4. Do Keyword Research

Affiliate marketing is not about just creating the content and stuffing your links into it.

You have to search for the actual words and key phrases that people are using to look for your site or site similar to you.

Keyword research will also show you the potential of estimated traffic, earning, and competition in your niche.

The purpose of finding the right keywords is to indicate to the search engine what your content is about and performing the best on page SEO practice in order to get a high rank in search engine.

The highest you rank the more traffic you generate on your site which will result in more affiliate sales.

But in 2021, google totally change the way how keyword research impact your SEO ranking and make your content visible for the right audience.

Now including the exact matching keyword merely matter in comparison to satisfying the user search query.

For example –

If a user searches for, “best running shoes for athletics” then you should not tell him. “How to run better” because he already knew it.

If your niche is a little bit competitive, finding query-based long-tail keywords and writing a response post will help you win the game.


Find blog keywords 

If you are running an affiliate marketing site then writing information blogs related to your niche and product is better than simply publishing the listicle guide of best products.

If you are just working on keywords like, “best coffees machines” “best health device” then the audience has no reason to buy from your site, they can also get this list into the vendor’s site in most cases.

The key to success is, finding the blog keywords, like who, why what, and how and then create the comprehensive content around these blog keywords to educate, engage, and entertain your audience.

If you want to become a master of affiliate marketing keyword research skills, read this guide…


How to Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing Campaign in 2020

5. Create the Winning Content

A good affiliate site first educates the audience about the niche or product, and once they are able to make an informed buying decision, then recommend the products to help them find the right one instead of just showing them too many products without educating them on what it is about?

For example –

If a user searches for the best coffee machine, he might also be looking for more information about coffee machines instead of just looking at the list of top-selling coffee machines, such as what are the types of machines? How do they work? And so on. We call it a buyer guide.

While creating the content for your affiliate site keep one thing in mind, you should focus on how can I help more audience and add value in their life with the piece of content I am creating instead of just thinking about how can I monetize this piece of content with a particular affiliate link.

If you do your job great, you don’t even need to include the affiliate links in every part of your content, people will still buy from your site if you only have a recommended product’s page.

Read this guide to know what types of content you need to create for your affiliate site that converts and increase sale.

Writing 6 Types of Affiliate Articles that Coverts and Generate Sales

(Add the other recent article – How to write affiliate articles)

Additionally, first knowing who your audience is and then creating the winning content to educate, entertain, and engage them, does matter as well.


6. Drive traffic to your Amazon Affiliate Site 

Once you choose the niche, create the site, and write the best content around it, you need the right people to visit your site, click on your affiliate links, and make a purchase from it.

There are several ways to generate traffic on your affiliate marketing site, some of them are paid and some are free.

It depends on your goal for affiliate marketing, if you want to quickly generate tons of traffic and make affiliate sales then you can go for paid advertising.

Social media and google ads are the best advertising platforms to run ad campaigns.

But without having proper knowledge of running ad campaigns you could end up losing your money in paid advertising.

Make sure you master the skills of running paid advertising campaigns before you decide to go this way.

On the other hand, organic traffic is the best way to grow an affiliate site, it directly comes from search engines and it’s highly targeted.

Unlike the paid traffic, organic traffic comes after long SEO efforts but it’s worthy for the long-term success of your affiliate site.



Running an Amazon affiliate site is not a site business, it required full-time attention and efforts.

If you don’t get much time then you can outsource most of the work of your affiliate site.

But always keep remember, it’s not a get quick rich scheme, you will have to work hard with your head in the toe.

Patient and consistency is the key to running a successful amazon affiliate marketing.

So what is your takeaway from this article? Are you ready to start your affiliate marketing site?

If yes! Read our in-depth guide on starting an affiliate marketing blog.

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