HIIT SEO By Sanjay Shenoy Complete Review

hiit seo by sanjay shenoy review

HIIT SEO stands for High-Intensity Incentivized Training for Search Engine Optimization. This is a 10-week program with a cashback system in which you will be learning from the best of the Industry.

“SEO is not a knowledge problem, It is an Execution Problem”

There are a tremendous number of videos, blogs to learn different topics in different fields, But sadly not even 10% of people are completing the learning materials which they are purchasing Because there is no proper system to execute the topics you are learning.  

SEO is in itself a huge topic in the Digital Marketing niche. If you don’t want to be a person in the crowd who sells their services for SEO without proper knowledge over it, then you need to learn the topics in a very structured way from the industry experts and you need to have hands-on experience over the things you are going to provide as a service.

This program is crafted for this reason only, To make you learn things by doing, This is a rewarding system in which you will be getting all your money back if you are putting in your efforts and following the instructions, So, technically the program will be free for those who will be taking actions.

Who is Sanjay Shenoy

Sanjay Shenoy is a teacher, marketer, and creator. He is co-founder of PixelTrack, a digital marketing training and consultant company.

He will be your main instructor for this program. He has trained over 10,000 students in Search Engine Optimization or SEO (which you will be learning through this program) and Content marketing.

To know more about him you can check his websiteTEDx Talk, For now, let me tell you every detail of this HIIT SEO Program.

Buckle Up! It is going to be a crazy ride!

The weekly breakout of the HIIT SEO Program

HIIT SEO Weekly Curriculum Breakdown

Week 0  – Orientation Session

This will be the first session for the HIIT SEO Program, It is one of the most important sessions as Sanjay will discuss many important points which you need to keep in mind while choosing your Niche.

Also, in this session, you will get to know “How to Setup your WordPress Blog”. You need to buy your domain name (The only extra cost after joining this program) after selecting your niche, and you will get to know how to set up your blog in the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world which is WordPress.

Sanjay’s team will help you to make this process as simple as possible, and you will be getting help if you are stuck at any point in time during this process.

Week 1 – Basics Of SEO

You will be learning about the term SEO from a very basic level in this session. You will be knowing how Search Engines works, You will be getting in-depth knowledge about the terms Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking. You will be learning about different user signals which can give you positive exposure to Google.

You will be setting up your own Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Alerts. This session and assignment will be creating a rock-solid bottom for the next core SEO assignments.

Week 2 – Keyword Research

Keyword Research is having a gravity of more than 50% in the field of SEO, You will be learning various techniques about how you can find the right keyword for your blog post.

For the assignment for this week, You need to do “A LOT OF” Keyword Research, Which will make you much more comfortable when it comes to Keyword Research in SEO.

You will also be writing a short article in the assignment which you will be publishing in the next week.

Week 3 – On-Page SEO

You will be learning to optimize different ON Page SEO factors like Title, Meta tags, Images, Most importantly you will be knowing how to structure your content.

Sanjay will be introducing you to a premium WordPress plugin called “RankMath” (You will be getting the premium version of the Plugin with this Program).

As per the assignment, you will be optimizing your On-Page SEO for the Article you have written and you have to perform some tasks which are related to the RankMath plugin which I talked about earlier.

Week 4 – Technical SEO

You will be learning about different Technical SEO Components, Don’t be afraid of the term “Technical”, The representation will be so simple that everyone can understand every concept in this session. You need to put in some effort to listen and follow the steps which you will be learning in that session.

In this session you will learn about the elements of Technical SEO for your WordPress Website, You will get information about Site Architecture. As per this week’s assignment, you will be making some changes in your WordPress website in terms of SEO which includes improving your site speed and security. You will be learning about a new website called “Cloudflare” in this module, and you will be integrating your website with Cloudflare. 

This is the part of the whole program, in which most of the people are afraid of, but believe me, if you are giving attention to every detail and working as per instruction, there will be no trouble that you will be facing.

Week 5 – Off-Page SEO – Part 1

You will be learning about some activities which you need to perform outside your website which will increase your website’s authority.

Sanjay will go deep into explaining what a Backlink is, Different types of Backlinks and How can you create Backlinks.

As per the assignment, you will be creating social profile backlinks, Publishing your content on different social media platforms, and writing a new SEO optimized blog post. 

Week 6 – Off-Page SEO – Part 2

You will be learning how you can make your backlinks, From where you can buy genuine backlinks. You will be peeking into your competitor’s website and inspect from where it is getting the backlinks from, And you will be trying to get yourself some backlinks from the tricks and tips which you will be learning from the session.

Along with that, you will be writing another SEO Optimized content for your blog and you will be publishing it.

Week 7 – Local SEO

You will be knowing why and how Local SEO is different from normal SEO. Sanjay will be explaining different parameters which affect Local SEO Ranking.

You will be setting your own “Google My Business” page and optimize it, Along with that you will be making a lot of citations in different websites to boost your local SEO.

Along with that you will be writing another SEO Optimized article and publish it to your blog. 

Week 8 – Mobile and Voice SEO

Now you will be learning how to optimize your web pages and contents according to different mobile Phones, You will also learn how to use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and make your website Mobile Friendly.

Adding to this you will be getting the idea of Voice SEO and will get to know about the optimization of Keyword and Keyword Phrases for searches using voice assistants and smartphones.

Along with this, you will be writing fully SEO Optimized Content as part of this assignment.

Week 9 – SEO Site Audit and Strategy, Proposal

This week’s learning is an absolute gem and this is alone worth the money you are spending for this whole program. From Auditing websites for SEO to creating action plans for your customer, setting up pricing, How to propose the strategy to the client, all of these topics are covered in detail. This is just mind-boggling, Sanjay will be providing you with a framework that you can use to monetize the skill you have learned during this journey.

You will be provided with a template or cheat sheet which you will be using to craft your proposal as part of the assignment.

I have gone through a lot of content on the Digital Marketing niche, but haven’t found this kind of approach which we can use for our own. If you present your strategy in this way to your client, the possibilities of success get to the next level. Many of the people in the existing batch had used this strategy and got positive results.

Week 10 – Youtube SEO

If you want to get to the next level in your niche, Along with written content you need to optimize your video content also.

This week’s learning is fully dedicated to that part, You will be learning different ranking factors for Youtube SEO, Will be finding good keywords for the videos, Optimize the video for ranking.

You will also be learning the use of some cool Google Chrome extensions which will help you to execute this process in a better way.

For this assignment, You will be needing to create a video and optimize it for SEO (If you are camera shy, don’t worry, there is no mandatory rule to show your face in the video, The video might be on anything, But if you prefer, You can make a facecam video).

Additional Information about the HIIT SEO Program

Here is some more information about the HIIT SEO Program, After reading this part it is expected that you will have more clarity about this wonderful program.

The Foundation of HIIT SEO – 

Nowadays the online market is so much crowded with information, If you search in Google or Youtube for the term “SEO”, you will be getting a lot of distributed information. The problem with this type of information is that the learner never implements it. So, the execution part is missing in this kind of learning which doesn’t help anyone in long run.

So, this program is mainly designed to make you take action after learning, As you will be learning from Industry Experts and executing the assignments (which are mainly focused on real-life SEO Scenarios), there is a great chance that you will be more confident and content than other people who are just learning from random Youtube videos or blog posts.

The Community Support of HIIT SEO – 

Learning is so much fun when you are having some fellow learners who are getting started from the point as you are.

You will be having an exclusive Whatsapp group for this program where you can connect will your fellow batchmates, You can discuss topics related to assignments, SEO, You can also freak out whenever you have stuck anywhere in the assignment 😜, And most importantly you will be having Sanjay and his teammates in the group, who will be helping you out if you are stuck, and you can ask them any doubts regarding the assignment in that group.

The group we had was very much active and I personally have made a lot of friends there.

whatsapp community hiit seo

The Assignments and the submission criteria for HIIT SEO-

Every week, on a specific day (for us it was Tuesday at 8 PM IST), Sanjay will be taking a 2 hour long live session for a new topic, Yes, It will be live, It won’t be recorded like other internship programs/courses.

In that live session, you can ask all of the doubts you are having for that particular topic and Sanjay would be really happy to answer those for you. 

Now, the question is What if you miss the session? No need to worry in that case also, All the sessions in this program are recorded and you will be getting the recordings the next day of the session being conducted.

After this session by Sanjay, You will be given an assignment which you need to finish before 1 week to be eligible for the cashback, Sanjay will be explaining the assignment in the session itself, Still, if you are having any doubts or you want to get more clarity over the topics, You can join the Q&A webinar by Shreyas, who will also be the mentor and coordinator of this program. 

So in simple terms for each week, First you will be having a session by Sanjay where you will be learning about new topics and get the assignment (For us it was Tuesday), Then after 2 or 3 days you will be having the Q&A session by Shreyas (For us it was Friday), And within 1 week of Sanjay’s session (That means the next Tuesday), you need to submit your assignment to be eligible for the cashback. All the recordings will be given to you through a resource sheet and you will get all of your content and bonuses at the end of the program through LMS.

There is another consideration in this, What if you had some emergency and you miss one assignment, No need to worry, You will be having an extended deadline of 3 to 4 days for each assignment for this case, For this case, you will not receive the cashback, but it will be marked that you have completed your assignment. For the certification, you need to complete at least 8 assignments of the 10.

Cashbacks for HIIT SEO-

The most appealing part of this program is the cashback system, It is made to keep the learner motivated throughout the entire journey of HIIT SEO. You will be receiving cashback for every assignment you completed and approved. The cashback is processed within 7 days of approval of the assignment and you will be receiving it directly in your bank account every month. Isn’t it amazing?

So, the psychology behind this system is to make you work for your gains, And if you don’t work you will be losing something. For recorded courses, there is some motivation at the beginning, but it doesn’t help in the long run, Because you are not losing something directly if you don’t take action. So, if you are not lazy then you will be getting more than you invested in the program, I have got 100% money back in my bank account as all of my assignments were approved, And this is not only my story, More than 85% people complete all the assignments and are eligible for cashback.

So, it may come to your mind, that what is the benefit of the HIIT SEO team and how they can sustain in this world if the students are getting all the money back to them. So, they will be getting money only if someone doesn’t take action and don’t submit the assignment, and believe me, there would be few people in every batch who will be doing this, So, they are actually paying for the cost of the program.

Here is the distribution of the cashback which we got in HIIT SEO Batch 4.

hiit seo cashback structure

Bonuses for HIIT SEO Program (Don’t miss this part)

If you like bonuses, then you would love this part as you will be getting a lot of bonuses when you enrol in this program.

Here is the complete list of bonuses you will be getting in this program-

  1. WPX Hosting for 1 Year worth Rs 25000 /-, So you won’t be needing to purchase separate hosting to host your Blog. (Check Pricing By Clicking on this Link)
  2. Astra Premium WordPress Theme worth 47$ every year. (Check Pricing by Clicking on this link)
  3. WP Rocket Premium WordPress Plugin (Worth 249$, Check pricing by clicking on this link)
  4. RankMath Pro Premium WordPress SEO Plugin (Worth 199$, Check Pricing By Clicking on this Link)
  5. Ultimate SEO Playbook by Sanjay Shenoy (Lifetime Access, Worth INR 10000/-) 
  6. Content Mastery Course by Sanjaya Shenoy (Lifetime Access, Worth INR 10000/-)
  7. Weekend Blogging Workshop by Sanjay Shenoy (Lifetime Access, Worth INR 500/-)
  8. Premium Support from Sanjay’s team through Email and Whatsapp (Priceless)
  9. Whatsapp Community (Lifetime Access, Value is Priceless)


Certification is needed after learning any new skill to validate your credibility in the market, But in today’s world creating a fake certification is not a big deal, So, in this program, if you complete 8 out of 10 assignments and they are approved you are going to get Blockchain Verified Certificate by Pixeltrack Digital Pvt Limited. 

So, for those who don’t know what is the difference between a normal certificate and a Blockchain Verified Certificate, This is a kind of certification that will be using a technology called Blockchain, which makes your certificate intuitively verifiable, and it will add an extra level of security and authenticity. You will be getting a unique link for your certificate.

You can share the link with anyone you want to share the certification with, They will be able to click and verify the authenticity of the certification through that link.

You can check my Blockchain Verified Certificate by Clicking on this link.

hiit seo blockchain verified certificate

HIIT SEO Completion Rate –

The completion rate for HIIT SEO batches is more than 85%, Wherein most of the online recorded courses the completion rate is less than 10%.

Fee Structure for HIIT SEO Program-

The total fees for Batch 4 of the HIIT SEO Program were INR 25000 + GST, But if you complete all your assignments, You will be getting INR 25000 back in your pocket and technically the program would be free of cost for you. (I have personally received all the cashback)

For the Indian audience, this is a significant amount to be invested, But I assure you it is worth every penny, The learning which you will be getting along with the bonuses makes the value of the program 10X of what you are spending on this program, And if you are committed to learn and execute the stuff learned here, this program is technically free for you.

The pricing of the batch keeps changing, So make sure you join the launch webinar to know the exact pricing structure for the same.

How can you monetize your skills learned in the HIIT SEO Program-

  1. You will be having a fully functional self-hosted SEO Optimized WordPress Website which you can show to your clients as proof of work. You can build websites for businesses or individuals who are getting started in this online world.
  2. Your website will be having some SEO Optimized Content which again you can show to your client as a sample work and provide content writing service. At the end of the program, this is one of the best outcomes one can have, Sanjay has given priority for writing quality content throughout this entire program because Content is King.content is king
  3. You would be knowing how to operate WordPress SEO Plugins like RankMath, WordPress Optimizer Plugin like Wp Rocket which you can sell as a service.
  4. You would have knowledge of Google Analytics, Google My Business Profiles, You can create and optimize this service for your clients.
  5. You can provide backlink services for different clients.
  6. You will be learning how to Audit a website for SEO and pitch the client, You can target some of the websites and pitch them your offer as a whole SEO Package.
  7. If you don’t want to provide SEO as a service and you are a blogger / Affiliate Marketer, You can optimize your own blog with the learnings from this program and improve your SEO to get some organic traffic from Search Engines.
  8. If you are a student who is looking for a job in Digital Marketing / SEO Executive Role or You are a working professional who wants to make a career in SEO, then you can start applying for SEO-related jobs through different channels.


Personally, I think we have a lot of content available online for different topics, But due to the unavailability of a proper learning structure and reward system, The learning path is not that much fun and effective. On a serious note, This program is not for lazy people. If you can challenge your capabilities and learn one of the most trending skills in the world of Digital Marketing, then go for it, as it will be a life-changing experience for you.

As per my knowledge, No one in India is currently providing this type of SEO Program with a Cashback System, where you’re paid to learn.

I already had some knowledge of SEO before coming to this program, But after joining this program I came to know about the learning gaps I was having because I was learning from different sources without a proper learning structure. So, no matter which level you are currently in the terms of SEO, this program will be helping you craft a skill you will be proud of.

And keep in mind, SEO is not a get rich quick scheme or some magical methodologies which can bring traffic to your website overnight, But if you are patient and follow all the steps which Sanjay has taught in the session, surely till the end of the program you will be seeing some positive result in the self-hosted WordPress blog you will be making as per your assignment, And after some more time, you will be getting paid off the efforts you had already put in.

So, this was a detailed review for the HIIT SEO program, Let me know if you are having any further questions or doubts, I will be happy to answer them all.

You can join the next HIIT SEO Launch Webinar (Completely FREE) through the below link.

Register for Launch Webinar of HIIT SEO

And remember, You are Awesome!!

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