Digital Marketing – The Fundamentals and Why should you learn this in 2020

Why should you learn Digital Marketing when there are tremendous things to learn this year, Is it important to learn this in a pandemic? What is its market potential and what is the guarantee that it will help you in the future?

If you are having any of these thoughts, then this blog post is especially for you.

It is obvious that our brain asks us many questions before learning or doing something which is not that general in nature and people around us are mostly not indulging in it.

In this blog post, we are going to learn and know more about Why Digital Marketing is an important skill to learn at this time and what are the fundamentals which you should know before getting started.


The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

So If you want to know in one line what Digital Marketing is then here we go-

Digital Marketing is the advertising or promotion of products and services using digital platforms.

Pretty Simple, Isn’t it? Now in the pandemic time for all businesses, it’s necessary to promote their business Digitally as the number of people who were into direct selling and buying has decreased.

In this era, a large number of people are aware of the Internet and Smart Phones so Digital Marketing is a great way to reach people without investing much in physical advertisements.

The fundamental law of Digital Marketing says that marketing starts even before creating the product. Every entrepreneur wants to make a product that solves a problem that people are facing in their life and they work on how they can make it more affordable and reachable to a huge number of people.

During promoting some product there is a huge role of Digital Marketing for building the brand, the better you build the brand the more you can expect people to engage with you.


And one more thing learning Digital Marketing is not for only if you have a current business and you want to take it online, The role of a Digital Marketer is evergreen, And in future, the career scopes are also huge, So by learning Digital Marketing you can not only do business better but also work on your own startup, work as a Digital Marketing Freelancer or have a Job in Digital Marketing field.



Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

As people started to find their mobiles and laptop more useful than a newspaper and they prefer reading digital media more than physical media, The concept of Digital Marketing is getting an edge over Conventional Marketing methods.


So Traditional Marketing is like promoting your products through newspapers, leaflets, visiting cards, and posters, and all of which do not include the use of Digital Gadgets. The main issue with this kind of Marketing is the reach is limited (mostly to local people), You can’t target and retarget you customers properly and most importantly you don’t have a good set of data of how your Marketing Campaign working and what should be done to re-scale it.


All of those problems are solved by Digital Marketing, You can target your potential buyers more efficiently, You can have increased Brand Awareness, You can retarget your customers, You can have detailed data set of how your campaign is working, You can re-scale your campaigns and do testing on different funnels, So we can say Digital Marketing has given us a great way to make the connection with other people in a more efficient way.


CATT Marketing Funnel

There is a Concept of CATT Marketing Funnel in Digital Marketing to build wealth.


Wealth =n ^ CATT


You don’t need to have a master’s in Mathematics to understand this concept.

Here ^ means to the power and (n) means your Niche, So if you Niche and CATT is more powerful you can have better wealth creation.

So, let us understand each term in CATT-


  • C – stands for Content, Which is the most important thing while promoting a business, How you write a blog post or an Ad Copy, or an Email newsletter is very important as it is communicating directly to your customer on behalf of you, So the better your content the better is the chance of making a lead your customer.


  • A– stands for Attention. Yes, Attention is really important because the online world nowadays is very noisy. There is a tremendous number of ads, sellers, you have to create your personal brand in that crowd, for that you have to take the attention of people so that they can know about you and work with you. For this, you can use Ads, Good Sales Letter, Professional Looking Ads, and transcripts.


  • T– stands for Trust. In any business, trust is very important. That’s why the concept of personal branding is coming, again and again, To build trust you have to first provide the customer some values for free, That’s how you can the customer can have some faith in you and proceed with you further.


  • T– stands for Transaction. This is the ultimate stage of Digital Marketing funnel When your potential leads turn into a consumer.



Integrated Digital Marketing

As discussed earlier there is too much noise nowadays in the digital world, So your Marketing Tactics needs some unique approach which can set you to stand out of the crowd, In this kind of strategy you have to use all Digital Marketing channels, You can’t rely on a single medium of communication between you and your customer, You have to try both Paid (Ads, Promotions) and Free (Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing) channels to reach your customers.


Integrated Digital Marketing increases your Brand Awareness, Return on Investments, Better Conversions, Better Personal Branding, So Overall there is a higher profit margin for you with better relationships with your customer.



Personal Branding

Building a personal brand means making your authority online, which is super important if you want to skyrocket your Digital Marketing Revenue.


For Example, let’s consider you have made one website in your name, you are a Health Instructor, and you have posted many helpful articles, reviews of products related to Body Building in your Blog.


One random person lands on your website one day from google to read one article related to “How to Reduce Belly Fat in Home?”. He finds your article very helpful, and he goes through some other articles, and finally, he bought one product from your link the same day.


After Buying he enjoyed the product he bought, and he thought to give your site another visit to read some more articles about Fat Loss. Still, the problem is he forgot the website name, and when he searched google with the same question (How to reduce belly fat) he landed on another person’s website.


You might think, Why should I care! After all, I made a Sale! But no, here’s why Personal Branding comes into the picture. Let’s consider the same case. This time while the random visitor was reading one of your articles, you offered him an eBook on “40 Best Fat Burning Food for Healthy Lifestyle” in exchange for his e-mail address. Your website name is easy to understand and relevant, so it sticks to the viewer’s memory. The main advantage is regardless the person buys a product from you at that time or not, you can now connect to him by Mail. You can bring him back to the website, again and again, giving some values in the form of articles in his email box.


Now the person has started loving your Website and Content, and he bought some of the products from Your Affiliate Links, He Likes your Facebook Page, Followed you on Instagram, and part of your Private Community. He now has trust in you, and that’s how Personal Branding is essential to create a Fanbase.


That’s why for creating repeated sales, Personal Branding is essential.


So In this article, we have gone through some important aspects of Digital Marketing, We have discussed why it is important nowadays, We have gone through different Digital Marketing Channels, Have discussed CATT Marketing Funnel, also The concept of Personal Branding.

So we can say Digital Marketing is a Skill Which you should definitely start learning regardless any field you are working or studying, Because if you can promote your service/skills Digitally and reach to more people there is a lot of scopes, and if you are not doing it right now you are leaving a lot of things on the table.

So, learn Digital Marketing from prominent sources and take your business to next level of start utilizing your skills as a freelancer or in a Job because Trust Me, Digital Marketing is Evergreen!!


Thank you for reading this blog, hope you have got some value from it, Check out my Detailed Guide on How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2020 for Absolute Beginners!

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