Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak (Review) | 2021

If you are reading this post, then you already know about the Digital Deepak Internship Program, and now you are looking for independent reviews to validate your decision to sign up for the program.

You are the right place because I am writing this review based on my personal experience with this program.

When I first decided to learn digital marketing, I used to visit different blogs, youtube channels and take notes of important topics.

But I have never found the single blog or channel which covers everything that you need to learn Digital marketing as a Beginner.

The content on almost all blogs and youtube channels is full of self-promotion instead of providing transparency and a clear road map for newbie learners.

In today’s digital world, there is tons of information available on the internet to learn about topics such as Digital Marketing, Blogging & Affiliate Marketing.

But just googling the things around make it confusing and overwhelming with the pools of information from different sources.

You can get the best advice and tips on how to kick start your digital marketing career but not having a system that allows you to perform each step practically you learn in a tutorial, will not help you to break the how-to-start block.

Apart from it, If you follow a program which is developed by industry experts, your chances of getting success are much higher because you already know in the end the positive outcome will take place.

Let’s assume if you are going to start a blog, you are not will not get immediate success.

It will take a lot of time and effort.

And suppose you follow a tested and proven program. In that case, you will not hesitate to invest your reoccurs and time in your journey to be a digital marketer because you know the outcome will be fruitful.

You know the path you are walking on is developed by industry experts, tested and proven by their several students.

Digital Deepak internship program is like a road map and the right pathfinder for newbies who want to be digital marketing experts; it includes everything from scratch to end.

In this program, you will be provided with practical tasks and assignments that resonate with your theoretical learnings, which is much different from the online video courses in which you see them partially and don’t take any actions.



So what is this Digital Deepak’s Internship Program?

First of all, This is not a so-called Online Course you see in the market, In which you watch videos and don’t take any actions. If you are considering an Online Course, There is a lack of guidance, mentorship, and You are unaware of the real things in this field of Digital Marketing.

For this reason, Deepak made this program in which his fellow interns can learn and apply, even if you are a complete newbie in this field.

This program is basically for them who are ready to take action, but they lack proper guidance.

In this program you will have access to your Learning Management System (LMS) in which in every week you are going to get a recorded video, After watching the video you have to perform the assignment for that week (You will get the guidance video of how to do the assignment), In every week there is doubt clearing session which Deepak conducts for his fellow interns. With that, you get access to a private telegram group where you will find other interns of the batch also.



The Learnings from Digital Deepak Internship the Program

First of all, unlike other programs, you are going to learn Digital Marketing Practically from one of the most successful Digital Marketer in India.

You will get guidance from Deepak and his team and the community also if you are struct at someplace.

You will get a certificate if you complete the assignments completely.

I am sharing the full content plan for the 16 weeks program, which will help you understand the potential of this Internship.


Week1 – Success Mindset

You might be wondering how is it relevant to Digital Marketing Internship.
Let me tell you according to some interns in my batch, This was the most potent session in the whole Internship Program, and many people watched it more than once.
In this video, our mentor Deepak will give us much knowledge which will help you not only in the Internship but also in your life. It’s like reprogramming your mind for success.


Week 2 – Marketing Fundamentals

Before getting started into this program, You need to have a clear idea of How the industry works, and you should have some knowledge on some basic principles of Marketing.

It’s mainly for making a solid base before you go deep in any topic of Digital Marketing.


Week 3 – Niche, Audience & Keyword Research

So you are getting started with Digital Marketing. You have to choose a Niche. In the lesson, you will get how to match your interest and profitability to find a profitable niche.
After that, you will learn to do Keyword and Audience Research in detail and from the assignment of this week, you would get a profitable niche for you, and You will have a clear idea of your audience.

Week 4 – Creating Your Blog

In this week, you will learn how to set up a blog, which is your internet presence.
In this assignment, you will work on your blog and will get tips about growing it.


Week 5 – Content Writing and Video Creation

Content creation is essential if you are trying to prove your authority in the competitive market.
In this week, you will learn about Content Writing and Video marketing in detail.


Week 6 – Social Media Marketing

So you are done with writing your content and making videos, So the next step is to market your content without which your reach would be minimal.
So in this lesson and assignment, you will be marketing your content, and I am pretty sure than you will get some fantastic results!


Week 7 – Lead Generation

When you are able to market yourself efficiently, There is a great chance to get some clients for your services, in this lesson and assignment you will learn a lot about how to generate leads from different social media platforms and how to convert them as a client.


Week 8 – SEO

One of the essential thing in Digital Marketing is SEO. You will learn in detail how can you can do SEO for your website or your client’s website to rank higher in search engines.


Week 9 – Facebook Ads

Here you will get yourself involved in the Paid Ads section; You will learn how to run an effective Facebook Campaign. Here the investment to run Ads is up to you. It is optional, That means you can set up the Campaign, and if you don’t want you can skip paying for it, the main aim is to get your self familiar with the concepts and technicality of running a Facebook Ads.


Week 10 – Google Ads

After Facebook ads, the next paid platform you will learn in the Internship is Google Ads; Like Facebook Ads, in this case, also investment is optional.


Week 11 – Marketing Automation

Here you will learn how to automate your system so that you don’t have to handle everything manually. You will discover many tools and programs which is used for automation in Digital Marketing.


Week 12 – Sales and Copywriting

To make a fair amount in sale, you should know the art of Copywriting. So in this section, you will come to know about many hacks which will skyrocket your sales.


Bonus Week (Include 4 Weeks)  

After 12 weeks, this is the part where you apply all your learnings in the real world.
There are several paths like Getting a Job in Digital Marketing, starting your own freelancing business or Agency, Affiliate Marketing, or You can be a Digital Mentor.
You will get guidance in each of the paths and here are the weeks in which you will see some fantastic results.



The Commitments and Earnings from Digital Deepak Internship Program

Assignment Submission Commitments

The only commitment you have to fulfil is you have to submit the assignment on time, and according to that, you are going to get the cashback.

You might be wondering what the period to submit the assignment and How many hours a week You have to dedicate to do that assignment?

Let me clear your doubt about that.

In every week, new assignment window will open for you in LMS, and you will get 30 days to learn, apply and complete each assignment. It’s more than sufficient time to do the assignments as every assignment will be needing 3 to 5 hours a week to be completed.

The time period of Submission of Assignments was 7 days before. Still, Deepak made it 30 days so that anyone can do the same and earn the cashback.



The Cashback You will Earn

Now coming to the earnings part, Surely you have to make a deposit while joining the Internship program, But technically it is free as you are going to get your full money if you are submitting the assignments correctly. Along with that Digital Deepak team is assuring you 100% assignment approval guarantee, That means if in any assignment your work is not up to the mark you can resubmit it and get extended time for that.

If you are consistent enough there is another Consistency Bonus provided by the Internship Program; You will get a bonus amount at the end of the Internship if you complete all assignments in time without missing a single one.
So, If you calculate, you can find that you are getting more than you have invested this program in terms of knowledge and money.

And the best part is if you are among the 25 top interns in the batch, you are going to get Rs 9000/- extra as a Bonus. Isn’t that amazing?

Along with that, you will have the opportunity to work with Digital Deepak team if you are showing some excellent outcome from the Internship Program.

Technically, in this program, you have nothing to lose, But the possibilities are limitless.

And if you think if it is a good fit for you or not, The answer is always “Yes”, No matter what profession you are, no matter you are a student or housewife if you have the fire to learn and apply Digital Marketing in the real world, This is the best chance for you, In our Telegram group We have people all over India of different age groups, different professional backgrounds, diverse educational background but all of them are super happy with this program and all are learning together.



In this post, I have tried to make a Transparent Review on Digital Deepak Internship Program; I have given you most of the details to figure out if it’s the right choice for you or not.

In my opinion in this time, It’s a no brainer offerings as there is nothing to lose in this program.

I have also purchased Digital Deepak’s Courses on Digital Marketing. Still, I feel that I am able to learn in a better and efficient way in this Internship.

So, If you want to learn Digital Marketing most quickly and efficiently in today’s date, Join Digital Deepak’s Internship Program, I am leaving a link to join the free launch webinar of his next batch, Make sure you join that webinar to get all of your doubts clarified and know more about the internship program.


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