How to Conduct Competitive Analysis for Affiliate Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

If you are going to Start an affiliate marketing site in 2020 then you must know what’s going on in the online market world.


Conduction competitive analysis for affiliate marketing is the best way to get insights into your competitors.


Almost niches are already dominated by big brands and expert affiliate marketers.


The age of competition is at its peak.


Even when, there are a lot of SEO tools available to research your competitors, it might be confusing to perform competitor analysis if you are a beginner and you don’t have prior knowledge of your niche.


Most of the data on your competitor’s website is hard to find and unavailable, and even if you manage to find those details, you will end up with more questions in your head than the answer to your queries.


That’s why you need a step-by-step process to conduct competitor analysis


When I started competitive analysis for one of my clients in 2018, I was stuck with–


  • How competitors manage to get thousands of visitors?
  • What is their SEO strategy to drive this much traffic?


So how will you position yourself under the market?


Should you quit the idea of starting an affiliate marketing blog because of competition?


Definitely not!


In this informative guide, I am going to share 5 step affiliate competitors analysis framework which will help you to learn


  • How you can perform an effective competitive analysis
  • How you can use the data of your competitors to improve your affiliate marketing website.


Before we proceed ahead, let me tell you…


What is competitor analysis?


Competitor analysis is a process in which you see the valuable insights of your competitors to use that data to optimize your content and improve user experience.


Competitive analysis will tell you


  • What is the situation of the current market that you going into it? How competitive is it?
  • The types of quality content you will need to produce in order to overcome your competitors


Competitor analysis is a quick way to boost SEO and optimize your content because your competitors have already done a lot of hard work on researching your targeted audience.


How good it is if you find their strategy and apply to improve your affiliate marketing website.


Your competitors have already created the groundwork for your affiliate marketing website, what you need to do is just get into the insights of their website data and analyze each detail carefully.


The thing you should know to perform effective competitor analysis


  • Always choose the right competitors to perform research on, the data you will get from competitive analysis will depend on the competitor you choose.
  • Remember the details you need to extract from your competitor sites.
  • Know where to get the data of your competitors
  • Know how you can use this data to improve your affiliate marketing site.


How to conduct your competitive analysis


As I told you before, if you have never done the competitive analysis before, it might be very difficult to get along with all the overwhelmed data.


I am going to break down the affiliate competitive analysis in 4 easy steps:


1.   Identify your top ten competitors


Your first to conduct competitive analysis is to find who actually your competitors are?


Regardless of your niche, you are likely competing with tons of expert affiliate marketers going after the same audience and offering the best affiliate products.


Whether you are targeting a national or international audience, you can easily find your top 10 affiliate competitors with little research and identify what makes you different from them.


Let’s get into it…


Identifying your competitors is not hard like before, you just need to enter the keyword for the product or service you are promoting, into google and you will get the search result.


For example –

If you are promoting web hosting, let’s type the keyword for web hosting into google that affinities marketer use.


These types of keywords usually contain modifiers like


Best web hosting, list of web hosting




Now you have to navigate and find out the third party websites that are promoting web hosting.


Once you get the name of the top 10 websites.




You are done.


Isn’t it really simple?




But make sure you don’t cont the name of any hosting company’s official website, they are not your competitor, they are the service provider and you are an affiliate marketer.


This simple method can be used to find competitors for most of the niches.


If you are unable to find your competitors by performing a google search, you can use SEO tools like SEMrush & Ahref.


Now I will show you how you can find your top 10 competitors with the Ahref tool.


Search your keyword into Ahref,


competitive analysis for affiliate marketing


Now scroll down and see the “SERP overview for best hosting”



Here you can see your top 10 competitors, I highlighted them in yellow color and leave the rest of all because they are not the competitors they are hosting providers.


2.    Analyze and compare competitor content


Once you have identified your competitors it’s time to analyze their website and see what types of content they are publishing.


What content they are paying focus on?


It is a blogpost?

Case studies?


Or podcasts?


By looking at their top-performing content you can get an idea of what your targeted audience likes most.


Analyzing the content of your competitors will help you to decide what type of content you need to publish to outrank them?


How will you analyze their content?


How will you find their top performing pages?


Let me show you how.


Copy your competitor’s domain and run the Ahref tool search, you will get insights into the website’s data…


Now click on the top pages at the left corner and you will get their top-performing content in sequence…



Now have an idea of what types of content your competitors are producing…


It’s time to open all top-performing pages one by one and analyze the quality of their content.


It will give you an idea of the quality of content you need to maintain in order to outcome your competitors.


3.     Analyze their SEO


You may be wondering, your competitors have a similar content like yours and they are publishing less often than you, still they manage the outrank your website.


What might be the reason?


It’s their SEO!


Instead of building your own SEO strategy that may take months and year, copy the keywords your competitors are targeting and beat them in their own game.


Head over to Ahref and click on the organic keyword.


You will get all the organic keywords for that your competitors are ranking.


Now it’s your turn to target those keywords and create high-quality content than your competitors.


If they have written the article on “5 tips to choose the web hosting” then you can write an article like, “5 tips to choose the web hosting: Comprehensive guide and Tips& Tricks” by targeting the same keywords.


Check their broken links.


Check if their article is outdated.


Google love to rank the detailed articles that provide all the details regarding the topic and the user won’t have to go on another page to look for the solution to the same problem.


4.     Identify areas for improvement


Now you have found all the data of your competitors, you now have a better idea and understanding of what your competitors are doing.


It’s time to pull and the data together and identify the opportunities for improvement.


This data will show you the area of improvement for your content and SEO strategies.


You can create a content plan for those particular keywords, you have found in the competition analysis.


You also determine the quantity and quality of content you need to produce.


Conclusion –


it’s not always necessary to copy and use the exact same techniques that your competitors are using, the sole purpose of doing competitive research for affiliate marketing is to find the content gap and opportunities that other affiliate marketers are lacking off in your niche.


Apart from this, you should always your audience as well and understand their needs, problems, and pain points.


And address all of those problems in your content, don’t try to sell the products constantly, try to be a helping hand instead.


Your audience will start trusting your website and this alone is the quick tip to overcome all of your competitors.


is there anything else, I may assist you with regarding competitive analysis for affiliate marketing?


let me know in the comment section…


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