12 Step Approach to Choose the Right Affiliate Program for Highest Success

So, you have a blog or YouTube channel and you want to monetize it with the right affiliate program but not sure which one is right for you?

If yes then this post is for you. Once you finish the blog, I’m sure that you will be able to Choose the Right Affiliate Program for your blog on the spot.

Whether you use affiliate marketing as an additional revenue flow, or it is your primary source of website income, locating the very best programs to niche is vital.

With so much to pick from, this might initially appear a daunting task but with a little advice, picking Quality Affiliate Programs should not be as hard as you might believe.

Selecting the ideal Affiliate Program is catchy in addition to crucial. Every affiliate needs the very best. Having an abysmal variety of affiliate programs, it’s really hard to narrow down the listing.

A good deal of factors will need to be considered, researched, assessed, and contrasted before committing to a schedule. This frequently leaves the Marketers in a state of confusion regarding if they do it correctly or not!

To solve this issue of yours, I have collected all the necessary data and provided this comprehensive guide to Choose the right Affiliate Program.

Before we get into the process of choosing the right affiliate program let me tell you all the necessary points that you should keep in your mind while discovering the best affiliate program.


What to look for while choosing the right affiliate program?

Choose the right affiliate program


1. Commission Rate

The rate of commission offered is possibly the most significant aspect to take into account while choosing an affiliate program, particularly if money is your only real criteria supporting you have an Affiliate Marketer. Different Affiliate programs provide different commission prices.

The newest Affiliate plan from Lambda test, for example, provides a level 25% recurring commission on all annual plans while on monthly programs, they provide a 50 percent commission on the initial trade followed by recurring 25 percent commission for a lifetime — that is adequate enough by the marketplace criteria.

But, the most important thing is that whether the program has a high conversion rate or not?

More than time, most affiliate marketers recognize a software with lower-commission may also create affiliate gains in comparison with some program offering high-commission using a poorer conversion speed. Thus, select your program sensibly.


2. Weather Affiliate program should fit within your niche or not

Your goal is not to find a profitable program rather your niche should align with its products so that it will be a perfect fit for you.

For instance, if your blog is about travel, you have not limited to flight tickets or hotel affiliate programs, you can also find the related and possible affiliate program like tour company, travel guide, etc.

Similarly, there are various options in almost all Affiliate Programs.


3. Check  Vendors  Competitors for Alternatives of Products 

If you are already promoting affiliate products on your channel, it’s time to skyrocket your growth by looking at the competitors of the brand you are promoting.

You should perform research to see if the competitors also offering the same products in different features and price range if they do then sign up for their affiliate program and provide tons of options to your audience.

You might already have a lot of affiliate products on your channel but people love to see the alternatives of the same products on a different level.

Providing them with a range of different options to choose from, you can ultimately increase your sale rate and conversion rate.

For instance –

If you are promoting web hosting on your channel, you might have a different audience base who might be interested in the same product but also they might have different needs and budgets, some might need good features while may be concerned about the price of the product because of their tight budget.

By providing various alternative offers from various hosting providers you can serve the need of your all audience.

4. Identify the needs of your targeted audience

Regardless of what you have of the offer, always keep your targeted audience before you choose the affiliate program. Having a list of your potential customers ’ needs will be very beneficial as you have a clear idea about their needs and requirements.

You might have already done this while starting your channel to promote Affiliate Marketing Blog, whatever it might be a blog, YouTube channel, or lading pages, direct emails.

But you should have a look again at that buyer persona to get an exact idea about what your potential customer wants?

If you already have a database of your potential customers, you can directly ask them what their needs are, by an online survey, e-mail survey, on social media stories, etc.

Don’t worry even if you have just started and you don’t have a potential customer database, you can see what your competitors are offering and you can also hack their targeted audience database by regularly visiting their social media profiles and see what people are talking about the particular products.

You can copy their strategy plus you can fill the gap of needs if your competitors are lazy in taking care of the needs of your potential customers on the time.

5. Upsells

This is the best option to instantly increase the affiliate commission for a particular product you are promoting.

Visit your vendor’s website and navigate to look out for those products which have upsold options. Promoting these types of products will give you a great amount of commission.

Upsell options are integrated within products and setup in sequence to appear in front of customers after they make a purchase.

For instance –

If you promote a particular laptop that has an upsell option, you will get a double or triple commission based on how many products your customer purchase.

When they will purchase products, they will show options or pop up to buy additional necessary products associated with the main product like Laptop Bag, Laptop screen protector, etc.

Don’t forget to check the vendor’s policy if they offer a commission on upsells.


6. Product’s Quality

Whatever product you are offering, make sure its quality is good enough to meet the customer’s expectations. If the product’s return rate is high you will lose affiliate commission that the vendor hold in your affiliate accounts for backup of returns and refund.

You will also lose the trust of your potential customer while promoting bad quality products.

Your ultimate goal should be creating trust In your audience rather than only earning commission so that you can make long term relationship with the buyer and make them your repentant costumers.

7. Vendor Support

While promoting affiliate products on your channel, the problem might occur and it can be anything related to your affiliate account’s dashboard, commission rate, etc.

If your vendor provides good support and cooperates together to solve the issue then it’s the peace of mind for you. This support can be in any foam-like E-mail, support chat, or direct call.

Some high-class vendor also provides the additional materials to support your sales, like landing pages, banners, sale templates, and sale funnel, etc. it would be a great help for you especially if you don’t have a personal channel to promote products.

You should also check the cookies period in vendor policy, it’s an essential factor to take into account because the customers might not purchase the product at that moment and they may come back again to purchase so there must be a longer cookies policy so that you get the commission of product.

Now you have understood the basic points to bear in mind before choosing an affiliate program. It’s time to learn some additional tips that you must follow to get the most out of your affiliate marketing program.


8. Type of Product

The types of right products do matter as well as if you have a blog on car review then you should only choose the program that offers products related to cars.

You simply cannot opt for a program that doesn’t have anything related to your niche as an Affiliate Marketer.

Apart from this, picking a program that’s products having demand and value during the entire year is also significant. As you probably know, everybody has a site and tens of thousands of sites have been added every day you need to pick out a never perishing tool or technologies.


9. Niche Reputation

Before committing to a product, you need to be certain it has a perfect niche standing. Avoid picking a program using a shady reputation.

Do your homework well and run a proper niche study. Read unbiased and independent testimonials by present affiliates, if accessible. Make an active member of different affiliate forums and sites.


Apart from this, judge their site well and see whether it appears real and protected or not. The site has to be simple enough to navigate through and should have all the essential information cited clearly, with no tinge of uncertainty.


10. Aggressive Character

using plenty of Affiliate Programs available nowadays, it’s vital that you compare all of the available choices and select the one which most suits you. Critically assess the prospects and results of the app’s customer-facing offer. It’s a lesser-known actuality that competitive product costs are directly connected to conversion prices. Clients are smart!


11. Type of Commission 

Another significant factor to take into account while selecting an Affiliate Program is to check if the commission provided is persistent or not.

Wrong practice of knowing the character of a product may end up affiliate marketers to lose. Thus, you should try out investing in something which has long-term rewards for you and leads to the ‘Passive Income’ thought nicely.


12. Method of Payment

You should look for the time period in which they release the Affiliate Commission.  If you’re short of money and desperately need it, then you have to start looking for an Affiliate Program that illuminates all of the pending payments fast! Whether they cover bank accounts or any global payment system such as PayPal may make or break the deal.

International new Affiliates usually do not have PayPal accounts, consequently, if you’re only experimenting with it rather than very serious about it, look at dealing with apps that have your favorite payment method.





Apart from the aforementioned core conditions, there are a few general coverages, provisions, and terms specific to each affiliate marketing plan. From time to time, you might be having an issue with a specific state of the provider. It might be a deal-breaker for you personally, but others might absolutely be fine with it. Consequently, it’s vital that you carefully examine the terms and conditions prior to becoming in.

There are a whole lot of other factors such as earnings per click, ensure that you carefully examine all of the variables and rate the following prospects and effects before clicking the signup button.

Affiliate Marketing has a great deal to offer.

It’s a wonderful area to make some fast cash. But you need to invest your energy and time wisely and set your eggs in the perfect basket.

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