How to Create a Buyer Persona for Affiliate Marketing Growth in 2020

Are you an Affiliate Marketer, trying to boost your revenue by paid advertising? But you are not getting the desired result.

Did you ever think what might be the reason behind this?

Maybe you are not targeting the right audience or your ideal customer’s list is not specific that clearly defined who is your customer and who is not.

How will you solve this problem?

It’s not as tough as it seems, now the internet has access to each type of data that may help you build your Buyer Persona for Affiliate Marketing.

There was a time people used to spend months just to collate basic info about their audience but now all of this information like age, hobby, and demographics is easily available at the tip of your fingers.

But as convenience has increased, the competition also increased.

Only having the basic info about costumer is not enough, you need to be extraordinary in your marketing efforts.

You have to know about their pain points, interest, and what they actually want.

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on data and research.

As a result, you’ll be able to attract high-value visitors, leads, and customers to your website who you’ll be more likely to retain over time.

How will you do that? Isn’t it seems very complicated process?

Actually, it isn’t!


The process to build a Buyer Persona for Affiliate Marketing

Just start gathering the common details about your ideal buyer just like you create the list of your targeted audience and once you get these details, expand further to cover more specific details about your ideal customer.

By following this process you can easily create a good buyer Persona for an affiliate marketing website.

Start gathering the following information

  • Age
  • Location
  • Profession
  • Gender

Once you collected these details about your costumers, now it’s time to expand further and start creating a buyer persona with more specific details like;

  • Interests
  • Pain points
  • Hobbies
  • Behavior
  • Estimated Income

Defiantly you can’t collect this information without engaging with your audience.

So how will you convince someone to give their time and help you in building your buyer persona?

There are plenty of ways that you can use to get someone as your ideal customer to make buyer persona for affiliate marketing,

You can offer a free bonus with the product you are promoting.

For instance –

If someone completes a particular survey on your website or landing page, he/ she will get the bonus along with the product they purchase.

You can interview your current customer if you are lucky enough to get their time in exchange for something.

You can try the same method on your family friends if they are like your ideal customers.

In case if you have freshly started your affiliate marketing website and you don’t already have costumes, you can still make a good buyer persona by answering the following question:

What does your product do for your Customers?

Instead of Describing the features of the product you offer, tell how these features will help your customer to solve a specific problem and need. You can go in-depth and think about each unique feature of the product.

Who are your Customers?

Here you can draw the imaginary picture of your targeted audience, what are their needs? What they actually want? Where they hang out to look for the solution to their problems.

What are your Product’s Benefits?

Describe here how the product you offer will add value to your customers ’ lives by solving their specific problem.


Where are your Customers Located?

Identify their geographic location and it will help you to keep their culture in mind while producing content for a particular product you are offering


At what life stage are they likely to purchase your product?

Describe the situation here in which they are likely to buy the product you are offering.

For instance –

if you are offering the LCD screen that doesn’t hurt eye ration, so the pain & itching in the eye might be the situation in which they are willing to buy that LCD screen.


What is their buying strategy?

Describe the journey of their buying process here, how they make a decision before buying the product you offer, what motivates them, and push them to buy once they engage in exploring the product.


Different between buyer persona and targeted audience

There is a difference between buyer persona and targeted audience, as mentioned above targeted audience mean, very broad info about your ideal customer.

By keeping that in mind we will expand further in creating a buyer persona for affiliate marketing.

When it comes to buyer persona you need to gather more specific details like the interests, pain points, hobby, behavior, etc. rather than just knowing about their age, location, and profession.


Reasons to Develop Buyer Personas


1. A better understanding of the niche

A buyer persona creates a much more personalized depiction of your niche.

With a general description of your audience, it is harder to view them as actual people.

A buyer persona is a character with real needs, concerns, lifestyle habits, behaviors, and personal characteristics.


2. You can deliver much-targeted Content

Because you have a better vision of your customer when producing the content, you can deliver a more targeted story.

You have more insight into the types of content that people in the niche want.


3. Content plan Direction

In addition to quality landing pages for products, affiliate content strategies should include blog articles and other content that attracts a targeted audience.

You can create more appealing articles when you know the traits, motives, and interests of an individual.

You know what types of content, topics, and passions to tap into.


4. Buyer Journey Awareness

buyer persona for affiliate marketing

Increasingly, stage-based factors are included in target market development, By including your persona’s stage in the buyer journey, you can improve your content, media channel selection, and publishing timing.

Someone in the initial awareness stage has different content interests than someone prepared to make a purchase decision, for instance.


How to create a buyer persona for Affiliate Marketing

To create a buyer persona, explore all of the key traits, needs, and behaviors that contribute to the reasons a person has an interest in the product you are promoting.

Age, gender, income level, occupation, and education are some of the more common demographic traits to address.

You may also have a primary geographic region in mind.

Give your persona a name to enhance the personalization.

After you create a basic personal profile, research the types of questions your audience asks while looking for the solution to their problem.

This research is helpful in identifying topics and keywords to target as you build content.

Gather data and reassess your persona over time to recognize any changes.

Build your landing pages, articles, and promotional content in line with the interests, motives, and traits of your persona.

You can create a buyer persona in any format you like but it’s always better to follow the pattern.

I recommend you to use Xtensio to create your buyer persona for affiliate Marketing.

It’s a free web application that provides premade templates to build a buyer persona.

Buyer Persona for affiliate Marketing


Xtensio has a lot of different templates for creating personalized buyer personas.

You can also visit this blog post of Hubspot blog on buyer persona, they offer free templates and guide to create the best buyer persona.

Tip – If your affiliate marketing website is a small niche-based website then you can easily create a buyer persona in excel sheets but if you large database of customers, you need a dedicated service to handle all the records.

Hubspot is the best choice to create and organize a large amount of customer database for big business.



These are some of the key reasons that affiliate marketers should create buyer personas along with market research when building a content plan for their blog.

Buyer personas enhance your understanding of your customer’s needs and improve your capacity to deliver optimized content.

If you need any kind of help in creating a buyer persona for Affiliate Marketing, ask me in the comment below.

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