What is the best niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2021?

best niche for affiliate marketing


So, Do you want to start a profitable affiliate marketing blog, but the only thing holding you back is how to choose the best niche for Affiliate Marketing? 

And it is a bit tricky as You can list all your favourite niches but selecting the most profitable niche for affiliate marketing might be difficult for you.

Do you know that fewer than 10% of total affiliate marketers drive more than 90% of the sales? That’s crazy, right? That means there are only a few affiliates in the industry who are pocketing most of these commissions. 

Do you keep searching What will be the top-selling affiliate products in 2021? Or do you want to know the magic by which top affiliate marketers are making a lot of money?

To build a good and sustainable affiliate marketing blog, you need to understand the demand of your target audience and become an authority to them, So selecting a perfect niche for your affiliate marketing is very important for your growth in this online world.

In this article, you will get to know the tactics on choosing a niche for affiliate marketing and we will be discussing some evergreen affiliate marketing niche in detail, So read this article till the end, It will going to help you a lot and will remove most of your confusions on selecting a niche for affiliate marketing.

How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing?


So before figuring out how to choose a niche, let’s understand in short what a Niche is. 

The term has a different meaning in different situations but in Affiliate marketing the right niche I a more focused marketplace which is having a greater probability of making a profit.

To find out the best niche for yourself you need to keep these points in mind-

Identify what are your interests.

Pick a niche in which you are interest is, as you are going to help your audience more and relate to their queries better if you are having the same interest as them.

Identify problems you can solve.

You should be able to choose a niche in which you can solve more problems faced by your target audience.

Start with a narrow focus but a big vision                                            

First, you should target a micro niche with a very less and targeted audience, after that you can scale and expand to another related market.

Check how much knowledge you have in the niche that you have selected

Don’t choose a niche in which you are not having much knowledge, because without knowledge you will not be able to convert visitors into buyers.

Know whether it’s profitable or not

You do not need to spend time and funds in a market where there is no cash, so make sure to choose a niche in which Affiliate Products are hot selling cake.

Check the niche’s trend

You should check if your niche is having a good future, you should always be choosing a niche that is evergreen.

Research your competition.

Research about your competitor in your niche and get knowledge about their keywords, funnel structure, affiliate products.

 Top 10 niche for affiliate marketing-

These are the top 10 niche for affiliate marketing which are profitable-

  1. Health
  2. Wealth 
  3. Relationship
  4. Tech
  5. Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing
  6. Personal Finance and Investment
  7. Pet Care
  8. Travel
  9. Beauty
  10. Life Coaching and Self Improvement Niche

You can find 80+ Profitable niche list in one of the best authority blogging website “Authority Hacker”, You can give them a visit by clicking this link.

What is the best niche for affiliate marketing in India?

Every niche is profitable if you market it properly, but having a list of Best blog niche for affiliate marketing will give you an idea about the estimated earning if you can compare with the expected traffic source you are going to have.


In the following section of the blog, you will learn about

  • 3 niche in Affiliate Marketing that is evergreen and profitable
  • Popular sub-niches on health niche
  • Profitable niches that can pay 4 to 5 figure income every month

Main 3 Niche in Affiliate Marketing-

  1. Health Niche For Affiliate Marketing
  2. Wealth Niche For Affiliate Marketing
  3. Dating Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Health Niche For Affiliate Marketing


choose a niche for affiliate marketing

Health and wellness always evergreen, It is never going to lose its popularity.

In short, who doesn’t want to stay healthy and active and look younger day by day?

There are limitless earning opportunities in the niche of Health and Wellness in Affiliate Marketing.

Why you should get into Health and Wellness niche for Affiliate Marketing 

  • The product’s price is very high, So the commission rate is also higher.
  • You can promote courses and mentorship of health coaches, which is not a physical product like gym equipment’s and it is having a higher percentage of commission.
  • People keep health as a priority, their spending is not limited in the field of health and wellness, so this niche is having a higher chance to be profitable.


Here is a list of sub-niches that comes under the wellness niche for Affiliate Marketing-

  • Yoga
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing testosterone
  • Diabetic recipes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Quit Smoking
  • Healthy Cooking

Wealth Niche For Affiliate Marketing


How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing?

Almost everyone wants to earn money, Right? So one of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing is Wealth and Money making category because people want to know how to earn.

Some subcategories for this niche are Blogging, gambling, trading, crypto, Affiliate Marketing etc.

You can sell high ticket products/courses created by other creators/companies.

The best part of this niche is, you can start your stuff after gaining some experience.

Wealth niche in Affiliate Marketing is worth 100 Billion $ in the UK and this is the kind of niche that is evergreen and you can earn from this niche your whole life.

Why you should get into the wealth and money-making niche for Affiliate Marketing?

  • People are ready to invest thousands of dollars to learn how to earn money, they need methods, ways by which they can increase their income, and they want to learn from the people who are already earning, so if you can connect the teacher and learner, you are also going to be profitable at the end of the day by the power of affiliate marketing.
  • The niche is evergreen, it is not going to go down any day as people will always look for earning more money.
  • Some tools and courses are having recurring commissions, in other niches mostly there are one time purchases, but in this niche you can promote some products which can give you recurring revenue.

Here is a list of sub-niches that fall under Wealth and Money making niches for Affiliate Marketing.

  • Financial Training
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Trading
  • Crypto
  • Mutual Fund Portfolio Management
  • Make money through Software Development


Dating Niche For Affiliate Marketing


choose a niche for affiliate marketing - relationship

This niche is getting more popular day by day as the online dating service is raising the bar.

There are many sub-niches like finding a good partner, getting your ex back, online chatting, how to talk to a person and many more.

One report showed that 49,250,000 people in the USA tried online dating in the past two years.

Apart from dating, in this niche a great chunk of services are available for the marriage niche which includes finding a partner, solving problems in marriage life, it can also be related to finance, kids of married couples.

Also, people need counselling after the end of a harsh relationship, so there are also products related to it which you can promote.

If you are skillable enough in this niche then you can also make some videos, write blogs and publish it on different platforms to gather audiences and provide them paid counselling sessions.

Marriage counselling usually cost 250$ per hour in the US.


Reasons to jump into romance niche for Affiliate Marketing-

  • Young people are very much interested in learning the art of connecting to people and making the relationship with them.
  • This niche is evergreen!
  • There are already a great number of websites and channels for this niche, you can collaborate with them and grow faster.


The following are top sub-niches of the Dating Niche- 

  • Healthy Relationship
  • Dating Apps
  • Gift Ideas
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Relationship Advisor
  • Products for better sex life




What products will be trending in 2021?

After some research, I have gathered some products which I think will be top-selling affiliate products in 2021. Here is the list

  • Tech Products – Hosting, VPN. SaaS, Gaming, Softwares
  • Health Products- Home Gym Equipment, Vegan Diet Products, Weight Loss, Products to boost immunity
  • Relationship – Dating Coaching Courses
  • Online Education Affiliate Programs – Udemy Courses, SkillShare


Another quick tip, Instagram and Pinterest are very good to get started in affiliate marketing. So you may ask What is the best niche for affiliate marketing on Instagram and Pinterest? The answer is Fashion, Beauty and Health, They sell super crazy on these platforms, Make sure you do some research on them.



As discussed in the blog earlier, if you have passion for a niche and you can create content then sooner or later in the long run you are going to win. There are tons of high ticket, best selling products with great affiliate commissions in every niche, you just need to get your hands on exploring and executing your ideas. Your focus should be on educating your audience with your information and make a long term relationship with them.

So what do you think your passion is? What did you learn from this blog? Please write down in the comment box below, I am waiting to read your comments! Also, you can check this blog from which you can know how can you start your Affiliate Marketing Journey in 2021.


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