How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Facebook: Important Terms

Do you want to promote your Amazon Affiliate links on Facebook?

Did you ever try Facebook for affiliate marketing but you faced troubles from the site of Facebook?

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative ways to earn passive income, it’s connected to one of the biggest marketplaces in the world.

The conversion rate of amazon affiliate links are very high in comparison to other affiliate networks, almost blogger and affiliate marketer use it to monetize their site.

What’s more interesting is that you don’t even need a website to start affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Facebook provides you the opportunity to promote your affiliate products in front of millions of customers, be it either existing customers or promoting the posts via Facebook ad campaigns.

People who are beginners and never exposed to Facebook guidelines think they can randomly share the affiliate links into Facebook groups but it’s not like how affiliate marketing works.

There are several Facebook guidelines and parameters you need to follow to do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

In this post, I will guide you through, “how you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook even you don’t have a website.


How to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook

As I told you, you can’t aggressively post your amazon affiliate links in Facebook groups.

Facebook keeps changing its guidelines from time to time to keep the community spam-free.

Instead of just stuffing your affiliate links into your simple posts with a few texts, there are several ways you can use them to promote your links.


  1. Design attractive images

Images on Facebook get higher reach than posts with plain text, people rapidly scrolling through Facebook feed need attention-grabbing objects like images, videos, and infographics.

You can design beautiful looking and engaging images by using free tools like Canva.

Posting your product images with compelling descriptions or reviews followed by your affiliate links tends to increase your CTR and conversion rate on your links.

But you can’t post it too frequently otherwise your Facebook page will look spammy.

It can also hurt your reach on Facebook and the people who follow your pages can unfollow you if they don’t like to see posts too frequently.

It is a good idea to post a combination of images, videos, and text with images to make sure your content is engaging for your audience and it doesn’t look like Zomato ads on YouTube.


  1. Do Facebook page SEO

To the affiliate marketers who want to use Facebook as their primary platform for promoting links, it’s extremely important to understand how your Facebook page’s SEO impact your post’s reach.

You have to find and use the right keywords in your posts and overall content on Facebook pages to make sure your posts can be found.

If people can’t find your post, you won’t make any affiliate sales.

While creating content for Facebook posts, think of SEO and keywords in the same way that you do while writing blogs to boost search engine visibility.

Although the content of Facebook, is in-app content it still shows up with relevant results on search engines.

Let’s assume if your affiliate links about kitchen equipment and you posted the links with the content on Facebook, it can land up someone on your Facebook page or post who is searching for similar types of equipment.

Even if you are doing affiliate marketing without a website, you will have to pay attention to SEO to boost the visibility of your posts.

Facebook is doing a favor for you to host your content and it’s up to you to perform best SEO practice to get your posts to expose in front of the right audience.


  1. Post tutorials and review videos

The more variety you have for the types of content you post on Facebook the better you have chances to attract and engage the audience.

Video content is considered more engaging rather than simple text or images.

Text is everywhere on the web, and it still important in some places like blogs, email, and websites but on social media people don’t want to read the long-form text.

People use social media to entertain themselves and connect with their friends, that’s why ad publishers and marketers have a very short time to grab their attention while they are rapidly scrolling through the Facebook news feed.

And that’s where videos win the game.

You can create different types of tutorials and review videos to post on your Facebook pages for promoting your products.

Videos post with the affiliate link embedded in the description has higher chances of getting clicks on links and converting the audience into leads and sales.

Make sure you create the video that either solve the problem of your audience or educate them about the topic instead of looking like videos ads created to call out for sale.

You as an affiliate marketer want to sell and make as much as profit possible but it’s your goal and your audience has nothing to do with it.

They are likely to purchase from your affiliate links only when they think, the product is really useful and they are getting value for money and you have to make them think that way by showing your creativity in videos.

While creating videos, forget about the product you are promoting and keep the focus on the problem that your product solves.

If you do your job correctly then people are going to make a purchase from the link given with videos.

For example –

Let’s see how Ahref creates its content on YouTube to educate its audience about the topics related to their keyword research tools.

This strategy works regardless of platform be it either Facebook, YouTube, or blog.

So make sure you are on the right track while creating the video content.


  1. Promote posts of business pages to a personal profile

When you are done publishing your post on Facebook business pages, don’t forget to share the posts on your personal profile.

In that way, your friends and followers will get to know about the post and they will surely help you to share your post with their friends and followers and it will boost your post’s organic reach.

According to the Facebook algorithms, your post’s organic reach depends on how much engagement you get in the form of likes, comments, and shares within 48 hours of publishing.

The more engagement you will get from friends and existing followers, the more algorithm will boost its reach.


  1. Post your blog content

Sharing your blog content on Facebook that contains affiliate links is the best way to boost your post’s visibility and get more engagement.

However, instead of just simply sharing the links of your blogs, share it as a mini-post.

Either write a short summary about how your blog is helpful for the audience or you can copy the main points of the blog to share it as a post description along with links.

It will engage the audience and make them click and open the post in comparison to a post that only contains the blog links.


  1. Make a Facebook group

Creating a Facebook group is the best way to connect in real-time with your audience and boost the engagement around your post.

However, the Facebook page has its own kind of importance for affiliate marketing such as creating ads to boost post visibility. You can also run a Facebook group with Facebook pages.

The Facebook group will allow you to effectively engage and communicate with your audience and it will also help your audience to share their problems and get the opinion of other group members.

As a group admin, you become the authority and people are most likely to make purchases when they get to know you are active here to help them through.


FAQs about affiliate marketing on Facebook


Can I do amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Yes! You can do amazon affiliate marketing with Facebook as long as you use the organic ways such as Facebook pages, profile, and groups (without spamming) but Facebook doesn’t allow to boost your post reach with ads that have affiliate links.


How can I use amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook? What rules do I need to follow?

You use Facebook to promote amazon affiliate links in groups, business pages, and personal profiles as well but you can’t promote your post with paid Facebook advertising.

However, you can boost the reach of content that contains affiliate links such as blogs, landing pages, etc. instead of directly including the links into the Facebook page.

Facebook frequently makes changes in its content policies and it affects the way how you promote your amazon affiliates links around Facebook groups, page, and personal profile.

Sometimes it’s tricky to understand everything but if you follow the basic guidelines of Facebook and amazon affiliates you are allowed to promote your links and make money from Facebook as an affiliate marketer.


Can I post on personal and business pages?

Yes! Amazon affiliates and Facebook policies both allow you to promote your links on business pages and personal profiles as well.

If you use other affiliate programs, make sure they allow posting on a personal profile or not, to avoid getting banned for any unethical move.


Are affiliate links allowed on Facebook with no disclosure?

Facebook has a strict content policy and it’s necessary to give disclosure of affiliate link in Facebook posts, even it’s just a small word like, “it’s an affiliate link”

Some affiliate marketers use short words and phrases in order to trick the algorithms to get avoided from getting banned for posting the affiliate links but I would not suggest you do that.

Be clear with your affiliate links and call out for them while embedding Facebook posts.

If you promoting the links and earning money from it, you don’t have to pay any charges but facebook wants a clear overview of it.




There are other important things as well such as how to and who to target for affiliate marketing on Facebook? And thankfully facebook has powerful features and tools to do this task for you.

How do you promote amazon affiliate links on Facebook? Tell me in the comment section below.





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