8 Surprisingly Simple Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Will Make You Money

Are you struggling to make sales as an Affiliate Marketer?


While affiliate marketing is a great way to generate lots of quick passive income, it is also not easy for everyone to be a successful affiliate marketer.


Being an affiliate marketer it’s your job to help the companies, business, and startups to sell their products, the more effectively you will do your job the chances are you will generate more affiliate income, there is no doubt.


In this blog post, we are going to discuss where you are lacking off in promoting the products, and is there something wrong with the way you are approaching the prospective customer or you may even need to change overall affiliate marketing strategies.



Have the Right Mindset for Affiliate Marketing Strategies.


The very first thing is, you will have to change your mindset toward how affiliate marketing works.


I know, I know


You are already into affiliate marketing and you knew it even before you started affiliate marketing, but I am not going to teach you the process of affiliate marketing because you already knew it rather I will tell you the strategies that you will need to be a successful affiliate marketer.


You must be already known this fact, affiliate marketing is not getting a quick rich scheme. Those who tried to treat affiliate marketing as an overnight game-changer failed.


It takes time, hard effort, and consistency.


Remember, your sole purpose is to solve the problems your targeted audience is having, address their pain points in your content and provide an ultimate solution rather than just try to sell the products and service otherwise your affiliate marketing site will look like an adverting portal.


Costumers are more likely to respond to the products and services that directly address their pain points otherwise you will be ignored no matter how hard you try to pitch and sell the products.


Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners

While there are so many products available on the internet for affiliate marketers to promote, the only right strategies will help you to target the right audience, generate sales, and grow as an affiliate marketer.

I am going to show you 8 strategies that will help you to be a successful affiliate marketer and build your empire, but I can’t promise you overnight success, you will have to invest time and give efforts.


1.   Stick to Your Niche

If you really want to turn your affiliate site into a passive income machine you will have to focus on your niche no matter what. If your site is full of affiliate links for different products that have no connection to each other, you can’t be successful.

Always try to keep your niche as narrow as possible that only targets a specific audience and a very small group of people.

If you will keep your niche as small as possible, you will get the following benefits…

* You audience will engage with your content and the product or services you offer because they will be highly targeted people

* People will start following your blog and sign up for your newsletter also because you are offering what they exactly want.

For instance –

If you love golf, will you follow a site that promotes the content of every sports game? You won’t because you don’t want to spam your email inbox with a bunch of content in which you have no interest.

But if you will find a site specially dedicated to golf then you will defiantly love to follow the blog and sign up for their newsletter.



2.   Blogging Reviews

Writing product reviews is one of the most engaging blog content that people love to read and share.

Before people make a purchase of any product from the official site they love to read an independent review on third party sites because this is the only way to know about the products genuinely

Writing a great product review is the key to successful affiliate marketing, and almost every affiliate site is created around the product review they promote but almost all of those sites are lacking in transparency.

People want to read unique and genuine reviews, one of the most famous American copywriters joseph sugarman wrote in his book, AD week copywriting, a customer expects from writer or ad create to be an expert of product.

If you really want to live upon their expectations, and want to write extraordinary product reviews, you should buy the product and try it yourself for some time and get your specific experience that only comes after using the product.

Of Couse, If it is not a very big product like a computer and laptop or something else you don’t need at that moment.

Tip – you can go to e-commerce sites likes Amazon and read the review of customers for that particular product. Analyze each review carefully and you will have an idea of whether you should promote this product or not.



3. Use Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Efficiently

Using a PPC campaign effectively can result in quick affiliate sales boost but if doesn’t apply strategically it can also result in losing huge money.

Almost successful affiliate marketers use PPC ad campaigns to boost their affiliate sales and quickly generate huge revenue.

As a beginner, you will have to learn how you can run effective PPC campaigns for affiliate marketing.

The main strategy is, learning to write great content for a PPC campaign as you create the content for organic traffic and content marketing because you want people to click on your ads instead of getting blank impressions.

You will have to learn some copywritng techniques to enhance your writing that encourages users to click on your headlines and take action, respond to your CTA.

If you are a total beginner and you have never heard about the PPC ad campaigns, then you learn it from the internet, there is so much content available on google ads campaign some are free and some are paid by SEO gurus and SEM experts but I won’t recommend you to invest in any paid course because I know about one of the best sources of learning PPC, CPC and retargeting ads campaigns that are directly from the google.

Google offers free courses on ad campaigns, register yourself under this course, and complete the course you will even get the certificate of post-completion this course.

It has everything from beginning to advance.



4.   Create a Winning Landing Page

Landing pages play an important role in converting your prospects into leads and sales.

No matter how good your offer and PPC ad copy is, if your landing page is not up to the mark then your business is bound to suffer.

Great landing pages clearly describe the offer and value that are being provided and the reason why you are offering that value to the customers.

Landing pages are designed with certain colour patterns, button colours, and sizes to have a psychological impact on the audience’s mind to take action.

But make sure you don’t use overlooked colours.

Your landing pages should not look alike the great text wall, make sure you describe the main features of your offer in bullet points and use images, videos instead of text.

Good landing pages always contain the necessary details that buyer needs but not too much, extra information confused the buyer and make it overwhelming for them to make a buying decision.

If you have previously worked with trusted brands in the industry then it’s a win-win situation for your landing pages, you can include the logos of those trusted brands in your landing pages.

It leads people to trust.

Including testimonials is a great way of increasing trustworthiness.



5.   Demonstrating Products through Videos

There used to be a time when people used to read the great wall of text by spending half hours but in 2020 the era of digitalization changed everything.

people don’t have time to read the wall of text, people want to consume the content in media format, it’s more effective.

Textual content is everywhere and people are getting bored with it. People love to watch video content.

You don’t necessarily mean to produce the videos similar to the studio but you can begin with creating a product review video or video tutorial for the product you are promoting.



6.   Comparing Strategies against the Competition

Start visiting your competitor’s site and see what types of content they are publishing and which piece of content is getting the most comments and social shares.

You can sign up for their newsletter, read the content of their emails, and see what type of lead magnet they are using, your goal is to understand their strategy.

The purpose is not to copy the content of your competitors but just taking the ideas of what your audience love to read and share.

Your competitors have already done lots of research work in your niche and they are already attracting the targeting audience, you can copy their strategies and save lots of time in the research process.


7.   Keep Your Eye on Trends

Spaying the competitors is great but knowing how trends are taking place, is key to your extraordinary success in affiliate marketing.

If you see and learn what’s going to take place in the next few months, you can ultimately start working on that trend.

For example – if you are into the digital marketing niche, you can keep eye on events like Black Friday, and cyber Monday. Every year thousands of people wait for these events to make purchases. You can create or optimize your content around these events.


8.   Keep Track of Your Stats


If you are getting visitors on your site but they are not converting into sales then you should pay attention to your google analytics dashboard.

It tells a lot about how your audience is interacting with your site, which page of your site has a high bounce rate, and which page the audience loves most.

You can use Google Analytics to boost your whole affiliate marketing efforts.

You can also see, which of your PPC ad campaign is ineffective so you can stop that campaign, save your money, and spend on another campaign which is performing well.



Always remember, affiliate marketing is not getting a quick-rich scheme, you will have to work hard and invest lots of time without expecting early returns.

But in the end, the result will be worth it.

When you start an affiliate site, you should not think, how you can monazite your content and include affiliate links in it but you should think about how you can solve the problem of a particular audience with the piece of content.

If you are disappointed with your affiliate site’s performance, tell me in the comment section I would love to hear and solve your problems.

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