How to Conduct Market Research for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Do want to establish a successful affiliate marketing channel? Either blog or YouTube channel, conduction market research in the essential step before you step into any online world.


In 2020 things doesn’t work on the internet in the same way as it used to be, there are pools of information on the internet that your costumers consume on daily basis, there is hell out of competition everywhere.


Before you select any niche or product to promote on your affiliate marketing channel, you have to perform a well-organized, tested and proven marketing research.


This is the base component of, “How long your affiliate marketing website is going to be survived”.


Just imagine you have recently opened a high profile restaurant in a peaceful location by investing all of your resources, you have hired the best cooks, you got your interior done by the best interior design company and when everting is done, you are not getting costumers so you tried paid marketing for promotion but you still the outcome was not satisfying and you ended up with lose.


What might be the reason behind it?


Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with the prices, food, test, and quality of your restaurant but there is a bug in location.


The location might be beautiful and peaceful that you thought would be the ideal location for costumer but the fact of the matter is, you targeted costumers belongs to high profile society and they live far away from your restaurant, they don’t get too much time to plan a lunch or dinner at outside of the city, any good location would be best for them as long as they get there within few minutes of drive.


Online customer engagement also works in a similar way, you got a website and now you want your ideal customer to visit your website. You have to offer the right suitable products as per your customer requirements and you also have to make your website approachable by overcoming your competitors.


How will you do that?


There are tons of information available on the web about this topic like YouTube videos, blogs, personal training programs, and even after consuming all pieces of that information you might still get confused and stuck in the research process.


This may result in giving up the idea of Affiliate Marketing or you may be processed too early and you will realize that after investing your resources in your affiliate marketing channel.


If you want to get done with this major part of your affiliate marketing efforts keep reading this article. Here I will tell how you can conduct affiliate marketing research in easy steps:


How to conduct affiliate marketing research?


First I will tell you about the simple process to conduct effective affiliate marketing research, what to look for when performing marker research for affiliate marketing then we will discuss some best tools for affiliate marketing research that will save your lots of time and get everything done quickly.


Analyze your market

Affiliate Marketing Research

Before you proceed with Market Research, first you have to see in what market you are and what is going on in that market.

Just because you have an idea of a product that solves a particular problem, doesn’t mean you are done with your marketing research.

You have to offer what people want to buy, not what you want them to buy.

You must have to dig digger into the market and see what your competitors are offering, what are the best selling products into the market.

Once you do this you will have a clear idea about what are the available alternatives for a similar product that can solve the problem more efficiently by saving customers ’ resources.

You will get clear with the type of product you need to offer to serve the customer’s needs, you will emerge as the best and trusted source for that particular product which is a quick way of getting success in affiliate marketing.


Find what your audience is talking about

Market Research for Affiliate Marketing

Doing this part of affiliate marketing research might be boring but it is one of the very essential parts to include in your marketing research.

If you want your audience to listen to you, you must have to research who they are, what they do, where they live, what and how they think about a particular product and problem.

In this informative guide, I am going to describe a few common yet essential points to include in your affiliate marketing research, most of these can be easily guessed with common sense but still, you should spend a little time finding the insights of these points.

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Prior knowledge of the product you are offering


I would suggest you build your buyer persona to identify all of these points quickly. This will help also help you in content creation and in every part of your affiliate marketing campaign.

Read this detailed article on how you can build an effective Buyer Persona.

Once you will have the buyer persona in your hands, you will have written the needs and problems of your potential customers and the products in which they are interested.

Now it’s time to dig digger and explore what your audience is talking about, you can ultimately do it by visiting public communities like Quora, and Facebook groups.


For instance –

If you want to promote web hosting on your Affiliate Marketing channel then the people who are newbie bloggers or individuals want to start blogging would be your ideal customers.

Now you can search this Topic on Quora to find out what those people are talking about web hosting, what are their experiences with particular hosting providers, and what are their pain points related to web hosting that you can target.



Similarly, you can find tons of Facebook groups related to Blogging and Affiliate Marketing where you will see a lot of discussion about the needs and problems of Web Hosting. You can also join that conversation to get face to face communication with your audience to serve them better than your competitions.

Finding what and how your audience thinks about a particular product & Service is the mild stone of your whole affiliate marketing efforts.


Tools for affiliate marketing research to work faster and effectively

Constructed especially for Affiliate Marketers, AffiloTools piles your actual search positions against your actual traffic info (not only an estimate) so it is possible to see which keywords and rankings are important to your affiliate website.


Like I mentioned previously, Traffic Travis is a great instrument for conducting market research. It is possible to use Traffic Travis to execute a general search engine optimization health check on your site, research your competitors and find out how to outrank them, and determine which keywords you need to target. It is a terrific way to stay 1 step ahead of your competitors.



Google Trends is a fantastic tool for obtaining a simple snapshot of keywords and tendencies over a particular period of time. It shows you the way particular keywords are monitoring, but the most useful advice is the associated subjects and questions given below, which offers insight into exactly what your audience is interested in/searching for. This is where you will come across the issues your audience is getting. Only then can you develop strategies to resolve them.



Buzzsumo is designed to assist you to find that the”buzz” around particular topics and keywords so you can create content your audience will probably be considering. Sort”chicken recipe” to Buzzsumo and you will be shown the hottest chicken recipe articles. After that, you can examine what makes that material so great and make something much better.


Spyfu can be really useful for you as it helps you to copy your competitor’s keywords for Organic SEO as well as Paid traffic keywords. Your competitors have already done a lot of task for you in market research and by using this tool, you can easily copy your competitor’s strategy



Performing market research for affiliate marketing is not a tough task as you thought, by taking your little time and following the above-mentioned steps, you can create a solid framework for affiliate marketing research.

I hope this guide will help you to perform Market research for affiliate marketing campaigns, If you stuck somewhere, feel free to ask me anything in the comment section.

I will reply as soon as possible.

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