How to Create Powerful Affiliate Marketing Lead Magnet in 2020

Creating an Affiliate promoting lead magnet may be slightly tricky but it is an effective source to draw your targeted audience and invite them to offer an email address to your email marketing campaign.

A lead magnet can totally break or make your own lead generation success and in addition, it plays an essential part in creating a client worth optimization system.

Even in the event that you’ve never heard the expression “lead magnet” used previously, there is a fantastic likelihood that you are already acquainted with them and you have probably even downloaded yourself at some stage.

Lead magnets are extremely frequent with inbound marketing for one easy reason — they operate, really well.

So in this informative article, I will show you how to create a lead magnet for an Affiliate Marketing campaign

First, understand….

What is Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a kind of hook that affiliate markers or other marketers use as a hook to attract their targeted audience. They provide free valuable content in the form of pdf, checklists, e-books, etc. In exchange for customers’ e-mail addresses for their email marketing campaign.

Or in simple words…

At its heart, a lead magnet is anything of significance which you can swap to get a prospect’s contact info — typically an email address.

The most popular lead magnet that you have likely noticed is a free manual, there are lots of other lead magnets you’re able to provide. I will tell you about those in the section below…

A lead magnet has just one aim: to optimize the number of targeted prospects you’re receiving for a deal.


Why you need a Lead Magnet and an Email list

Most people who see your Site, Blog, YouTube, Social Networking pages, or where you’re building your company and brand will probably never return another time. Hence the concept is to catch their contact particulars (email address) if they come to one of the first moments.

Because they won’t return to you, your job would be to get them and make sure that they do return. And you do this via email.

Why do you want them to return?

So you are able to create a relationship together and flip them into a paying client.


Creating a Powerful Affiliate Marketing Lead Magnet 

So much, I have covered the fundamentals of lead magnets and you would ever want them. But that is not the purpose of the article. In this informative article, I’m going to share how to make a rewarding lead magnet for affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, creating a fantastic lead magnet that fits with your affiliate provides are often very tricky considering all of the rules and constraints that affiliate businesses put in place.

So here in this informative article, we will discuss a few important things to think about when establishing an online affiliate promoting a lead magnet.

1.Creating your Affiliate Marketing Lead Magnet

Before making your lead magnet, you have to consider what you are likely to provide as an upsell following your potential clients sign up and have the free lead magnet. This is the affiliate supply! It might also be your product or service but because this is a post about creating an online affiliate promoting lead magnet, I will assume it is an affiliate product that you are offering.

The reason you want to consider your primary offer even before you emphasize lead magnet thoughts is straightforward. You want to create a direct magnet that’s congruent with your own offer, otherwise, people will only have your free lead magnet, not buy your paid affiliate merchandise.

It is not because they are bad people, it is simply because your guide magnet along with your paid deal isn’t aligned. They are not in sync.

Your affiliate supply so well it only makes sense for them to go ahead and cover the upsell.

1. Think about your lead magnet

affiliate marketing lead magnet

When brainstorming lead magnet thoughts, the first thing you need to consider is congruency. However, there are other attributes a direct magnet has to have to be able to be rewarding, both in terms of developing your email list along with your earnings. Here are these qualities…

  • Specific

If you think of a concept for the guide magnet, you have to be quite specific in relation to who you need to assist, and what exactly you wish to assist them with.

For instance, if you wish to target active mothers that are fighting to make fast wholesome foods for their little ones, the lead magnet ought to be something such as a “30-day healthier meal program for children that requires less than 15 minutes per day to prepare”

This may work better than the usual “Free 30-day healthier meal program”.

This isn’t to say that nobody will download the “free 30-day meal program” but there’ll be a huge array of individuals who download this and it may confuse your marketing since you won’t be certain what type of message to use while you are boosting your paid supplies.

  • Straight and Understandable

In 2020, your customers have a lot of options to choose from, they consume a large amount of content every day, their attention time has been reduced dramatically. You have to create something that gives value without taking too much time. No one is going to read the whole 300 pages ebook on every single topic even if they won’t purchase, they want to see it short and up to the point.

My point is, if you create a lead magnet that people must sit and browse through for days, you are not likely to cultivate your email list by far. Give them something fast and simple to digest, the more intricate approaches and strategies would be for your paid supplies.

Last, but not least, a great lead magnet delivers a fast win! As people do not wish to go a 100-page e-book, they also don’t wish to wait for 6 weeks before viewing the fruits of the guide magnet!

So give them something that is specific, fast, and useful! Below are a few ideas you can begin analyzing and playing about with.


2. Creating a lead magnet.

  • Choose a Structure

Believe about what is the best format for your viewers and the real content you wish to have in your guide magnet.

Step-by-step directions? Maybe a checklist is going to do. Something which needs you to reveal not informs (like exercise patterns)? Try out a video training program or an e-book with tons of pictures.

As I said, it has to match the material and your viewers!

  • Create an Outline

Next, you have to write all of the main thoughts you may discuss/include in your primary topic. It is possible to compose a list, or you could produce a mind-map.

If you are struggling to develop “main ideas”, consider thinking about it like “queries” your audience has concerning the particular issue that you wish to resolve on your guide magnet. Consider five questions you have knowledge of and will provide thoroughly detailed answers about.

You might also search for queries on all you need to do is enter your primary subject, and receive questions which people have hunted for.

  • Produce the Primary Content

Now it is time to enter the sole propose of your lead magnet, be sure to deliver a great deal of worth without giving off all your keys. What is the purpose of these buying the upsell when you have given them (for free) everything you need to offer you?


2. Designing your Lead Magnet

Based on what format you choose to proceed with for your affiliate marketing lead magnet, there are lots of distinct approaches to make your lead magnet.

You can use canva for your layouts that is exactly what I use. This is for things like pictures you are likely to use on your ebook, thumbnails to your movies, etc… You might even produce checklists and cheat sheets entirely in canva.

I recommend you attempt to design your guide magnet yourself but in the event that you truly feel like that type of thing is not for you, you are able to employ a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr.


  • Creating Landing Pages

When your Affiliate Marketing lead magnet is set and ready to go, it is time to produce landing pages to get this.

Your landing pages must inform your potential buyers:

  • What is inside the lead magnet?
  • What type of lead magnet it is?
  • What issue they’ll solve/what value they’ll get (free pdf checklist to make a direct magnet which flies off the shelves)
  • To do it (call-to-action button which says “download now” or “receives my free checklist”).


3. Promoting your Lead Magnet

Designing the ideal lead magnet to your affiliate provides is vital, boosting your guide magnet is vital. Is that a phrase?

The best lead magnet does not help anybody if you are not telling folks about it. So you need to be certain that you inform the world about this wonderful solution you’ve got for them.

There are many ways you can choose to publicize your lead magnet but my advice would be doing not try to be anywhere at precisely the exact same time, select one or 2 of those platforms and market the hell out of the thing!



Affiliate marketing lead magnet can be your ultimate growth hacking tool that can skyrocket your success. There is a number of option you can choose and processed to create your best ever lead magnet for affiliate marketing.

Once you successfully created the lead magnet and deliver it all over your platform, your next step should be measuring the performance and try testing around for improvement to hook more and more audience.

Lastly please remember you have to add some values to customer’s life through the Lead Magnet, It’s like a trial of your service, If they like it they will come back to you and have more from you.

I hope this comprehensive guide will help you to create your first lead magnet and improve your Affiliate Marketing efforts, if you got any question tell me in the comment section.

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