How to create High Converting Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages

Do you want to create high converting affiliate marketing landing pages?

Is your affiliate marketing email campaign not performing well?

If your answer is yes, Building good affiliate landing pages is the key to your success.

In this informative blog, we are going to discuss the affiliate landing pages and how you can create the best one.


What are the Landing Pages?


Did you ever receive a promotional email from the blog you follow?

You may have signed up for the newsletter of few blogs and they send occasional emails in your inbox.

Some of those emails are sent to you, to notify you about the new blog and some of them are promotional emails.

When you open a particular promotional email, you get redirected to the webpage but not to the main site of the blog.

These custom pages are called landing pages.

Let me show you how a promotional email looks alike with embedded landing pages.

Now if I will click on this link, I will be redirected to the landing page.

This landing page is designed to generate sales, it’s a big landing page.

Then these landing pages follow, the review and testimonial sections, FAQs, and so on….

In the end, they have mentioned a clear call to action button.

The button is designed with a psychological colour pattern which is orange and followed by white.

Instead of naming button with topical text like, “Buy Now” or “Purchase here”

They have mentioned, “Get your guide now and save 85%”

This is another marketing technique!

If you want to see and take an idea from their landing pages. Click here!

Landing pages are designed to send custom offers to a specific group of audiences, these pages can also serve a different purpose.


How do Landing Pages Work?

Landing pages are embedded and sent via emails directly into the inbox of the targeted group of audience.

When the user clicks on the link embedded in the email, they get redirected to the pages where they see the additional details about the offer and the product being offered.

The purpose of a landing page is to draw the attention of the user toward particular information about the offer or product.

Sending users directly to your site to discuss the product or offer might be overwhelming for them and it might distract the users from the specific information you want to convey, that’s where landing pages come into existence.

With costume designs and included psychological triggers such as the specific patterns of colours and buttons, landing pages help you to convert the users and make sales or whatever the action you want them to perform.


Landing pages are also used to capture the email address of the audience on your blog.

You might have seen it on the most famous like.

Let me show you an example.

Hubspot has embedded the lead magnets in their blog.

When you click on the lead magnet to download it, you will be redirected to a specific landing page design to capture the email address.

Landing pages are also designed as sales funnels, in that case, it works as a series of different landing pages connected together to support the buyer journey.


Types of landing pages

Now you have understood what landing pages are, how they look like, and how they work.

There are  different types of landing pages for different purposes. Some pages are designed to display on the 404 error page and some for other marketing purposes.

Let me show you the two main types of landing pages that are used in affiliate marketing.


Lead generation landing pages

Lead generation landing pages are designed to ask the specific details of the customer, it might be an email address, contact numbers, or other personal details.

Let me show you how lead generation landing pages look like.



What’s the purpose of lead generation landing pages?

Businesses and blogs want to know the contact details of the prospective customers so that they can offer their products directly into their inbox.

Without getting the personal information of your targeted user, you can’t run the affiliate marketing campaign which is followed by email marketing.


Pre-lander landing pages

Pre lander landing pages are designed to warp the lead generation landing pages, it adds additional value for main landing pages by drawing the users attention to the specific information and redirect them to a CTA.

Here is an example of a pre-lander landing page

(Add the image)


How to create an Affiliate Landing Page?


Now we have talked about the types of landing pages for affiliate marketing, how they work, and why they are an essential part of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Let’s see how you can create a high converting affiliate marketing landing page.


  1. Keep it short and straight

A good landing page contains all the necessary information that the user needs about a specific offer and product but not too much that users get distracted and skip the pages before even looking at CTA.

Your goal is to discuss only information in as short as possible, landing pages are not a place to tell the stories. Keep it as short and as straight as you can.


  1. Write high-quality content that converts

In the step first, as said, you should not provide too much information but it doesn’t mean you should be cheap with your content. Provide high-quality content full of credibility that builds trust in your audience.


  1. Make it easy to covert

Creating affiliate marketing landing pages from scratch might be tricky, but it’s not too difficult. Try to keep enough space between the content, boxes, and media.

There is no exact formula to decide it, because it might be different for all different types of landing pages, just work your way and make sure the content is not overlapping and blending into each other.


  1. Make it skimmable

Instead of making your content a wall of text, include the bullet point and bold text where needed. You can also highlight the important words in a light colour to draw the attention of users.

But don’t overwhelm the page with too many highlights and bullet points, just mention the very specific information and highlight only 2 or 3 important words that you think users should read to have an impact.


  1. Include media

Building a great landing page can’t be done without including the media files like images, videos, and infographics.

If you want to convey a message and it needs a larger piece of information needs to be shared, you can take advantage of video and infographics.

Warping up the information into the media format will make it easy and consumable to users.


  1. Make design flawless

Nothing should come between the user and the conversion, a great landing page design carefully navigates the user journey on the CTA. There should not be a pop on the landing pages, it can stop the user from performing the specific action and drag it into something else which does not object to the landing page.


  1. Include a clear call to action

CTA can be included anywhere from headline to main Action button. Make sure your CTA is clear, it should not rise another question in the user’s mind.

Instead of name your CTA button as, “Download” be a little creative and write something like, “Download your free guide to learn affiliate marketing”


  1. Use attention-grabbing headlines

Good landing pages use the catchy headline to describe the offer, and subheadlines to further expand the offer.

Writing great lines comes from practice, you use coschedule tool to write and analyze your headline.

This tool deeply analyzes the headlines and gives suggestions to optimize them for a better conversion rate.

affiliate landing pages



  1. Make the copy engaging

Whatever the text you write on your landing pages, make sure your words convey a great message into your audience’s mind.

You have very limited words to write because you are writing a landing page, not a blog post, so make sure you implement the art of saying a lot in fewer words.

Use, “You” instead of any second or third person, it indicates that you are directly talking to your audience.

Use words like, “imagine” “Assume” provokes the imagination of something and makes a user think and engage in the copy.

Use words like, “Because” near the CTA and further expand the sentence, it tells the user why they should buy from your offer, what value it will provide them.



  1. Make it about the visitors

The audience doesn’t care about your business or your goals, they have nothing to do with what you will achieve. You will have to talk about what value your offer will add to them and where it will take their journey.

Show them how your product can make a big change, how your offer is saving their money?


Conclusion –

Building a great affiliate marketing landing page is the art of saying a lot in fewer words.

There is no exact formula to create the perfect landing page, but you can create a killer affiliate landing page by reading your audience and addressing their needs in your offer.

If you want to know more about How to Write Affiliate Articles that Converts and Generate Sales, I have written an in-depth blog for you which you can read by clicking this link. Also if you find it difficult to find the right keywords for your Affiliate Marketing blog, I have also written a short blog full of useful information which you can check by clicking this link.

I hope this guide will help you to create stunning landing pages for Affiliate Marketing.

If I missed something, tell me in the comment section.



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