4 Advanced Affiliate Email Marketing Tips to boost your Sale

Do you have some happy customers and you want them to keep them in touch forever?

Affiliate Email Marketing is your great resource to get this task done for you. By using Effective Affiliate Email marketing tips you can repeatedly sell the associated products to your customers.

The good thing is, email marketing for affiliate marketers work in rotational motion, once you get the email address of your ideal customer you can use it as a lifetime bonus for your marketing efforts.

Unlike social media and search engine marketing, Affiliate Email Marketing is an inbound process in which you directly pitch the product to a clearly defined audience who recently showed interest in one of your products or service.

Affiliate Email Marketing doesn’t mean, you get the miracle list of random email addresses and you start pitching products to everyone in your E-mail list.

You should have an organized E-mail list of your ideal customers to get started with Affiliate Email Marketing.

So how will you get the E-mail address of your targeted customers?

According to a survey conducted by MailChimp, an average internet user receives at least 35 mail per day and this quantity is getting bigger day by day. As the number of Emails keeps increasing, the user’s attention is also dropping with time, So it is necessary for every affiliate marketer to learn the proper way to do their affiliate email marketing.

But it doesn’t affect the genuine marketing campaign. Still, people have become specific about what they want in their mail inbox.

So it isn’t easy to get someone’s Email even if he/she is your customer.

E-mail is a very personal thing, why would someone want to share it with you for your marketing purpose?

What if a company will ask for your E-mail? Will you provide it?

Definitely no, because you don’t want to see your inbox full of spam offers.

Before you start an email marketing affiliate program, you need a solid list of your ideal customers.

So how will you actually ask the E-mail address in the right way?

There are various tips that you can use to get the E-mail address and build a solid list of your targeted audience.

I’m going to share a few genuine ways to build an E-mail list of your targeted audience without spamming their inbox, Read this blog till the end as there are many important pieces of information you should know as an Affiliate Marketer in 2021.

1. Build a list of your targeted audience for Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign

affiliate email marketing tips
affiliate email marketing tips

If you will directly ask any user to provide their E-mail, will they do it?

Defiantly not,

Instead of asking for E-mails, you should provide something valuable in return.

And that thing might be anything, it might be a free bonus offer.

The best example of these tips is Blogger, mentors, and digital marketers.

Did you ever notice how they ask your E-mail address without actually asking for it?

They provide you something in return.

People happily give their E-mail in exchange for something they think might be useful for them.

The additional bonus you offer in return of e-mail is called lead magnet by which you attract leads and convert them into sales.

[Read the guide for making Effective Lead Magnet]

So, before you even started collecting E-mails of your targeted audience, you must have a powerful Lead Magnet that attracts your customer and convince them to make a purchase.

I have written this ultimate guide on how to create a powerful lead magnet for your affiliate marketing program, you should defiantly learn this guide if you have no idea or a very little idea about the lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a powerful hook that can be used later to offer the service or product If the customer accidentally or intentionally skips the purchase. If you have his/her E-mail address you still get a chance to make them your costume and generate sell.

Here I’m am going to share some common types of lead magnet that you can use as a hook in Affiliate Marketing:


E-books are a powerful lead magnet that may quickly collect thousands of e-mails from your ideal costumers if used at the right palace.

Let me give you an example, if you are running a food blog, you can create E-book that contains some recipe ideas.

Your ideal customer who loves reading your blog will probably want to read that E-book and they will defiantly share their E-mail address in exchange for it.

Pdf – Checklist –

PDF checklist is another powerful lead magnet that you can use to hook your audience. People love to collect and carry useful info about any field they find interesting.

For instance, if you want to promote musical instruments, you can create a PDF – checklist contains important codes of the guitar to play a particular sound.

You have to create a channel and provide free and valuable to content where you will attract your targeted audience and you will provide PDF-checklist to get their E-mail address.

Once you get the list, you can use it to run an effective e-mail marketing campaign for musical instruments.


This is just examples, you can do the same thing your desired niche.

Now you got the E-mail list of your targeted audience, it’s time to organize e-mails on that list in order to run an effective affiliate email marketing campaign.

If you want to go deep into the Email marketing concepts read the article on making a buyer persona for affiliate marketing.


Organize an Email List to run an effective Email Marketing Campaign

The concept of organizing e-mail list is very similar to making the buyer personas.

You might have 2 or 3 types of different groups of audiences.

Let’s assume, 1 group belongs to students, they are interested in your service or product but they have a low budget so you will only promote the mid-range products to group one.

Similarly, you might have working professionals who keep interested in your services and they also have a good budget so you can promote the high-end products which will earn you pretty affiliate income.


2. Write Engaging and Compelling e-mail Copy


how to write Write Engaging and Compiling e-mail Copy?
how to write Write Engaging and Compiling e-mail Copy?

Writing a good copy is the heart of your Affiliate Email Marketing program, if you failed to write it correctly that highlight the needs of your customers, you are most likely to be ignored quickly and the customer will not even bother to open your e-mail again, so always be careful while writing E-mail copy, it reflects your whole marketing efforts.

E-mail copy should not look like a blog post, it should be short and straight to the points. The customer spends an average of 5-7 minutes on each e-mail and your sole purpose should be delivering the message within this time duration.

If you are not good enough at writing good E-mail copies, you can hire any freelance copywriter who will craft an effective and engaging copy for your affiliate email marketing campaign.

3. Use E-mail automation to run an Effective Affiliate e-mail Marketing Program

affiliate email marketing

Now you have the organized list of your targeted audience, you are ready to go with an email marketing affiliate program.

You can set the automation e-mail sequence to make this task done for you effectively.

There is various E-mail marketing software available you can for E-mail automation. Mail champ is a very popular and famous E-mail marketing software that you can use for your affiliate email marketing tasks.

You can follow the following sequence to send automatic emails

  • Send a confirmation email when a customer subscribes to your e-mail list
  • Send Thank you E-mail for subscribing to your E-mail list
  • Send the free bonus you promised while taking the E-mail address
  • Send another E-mail and provide some additional free value about the product or service, it might be a helpful piece of content.
  • Now send the final E-mail to promote your affiliate products.

4. USE A/B testing for E-mail Marketing

A/B testing is widely being used in UX designing but now a day’s marketers started using this formula to get the maximum output of their E-mail investment.

This is a very simple process in which you have to create two copies of your E-mail body, structure, and headlines, and also divide your E-mail list into two groups.

Now you will send copy one to group one and copy two to another group. After sending the two different copies in two different groups, now will analyze the result of each copy, you can see the insights in your e-mail marketing software.

If copy two is performing better than copy one then you can go for the same copy in your future to run a better  Email marketing campaign for the affiliate program.


Affiliate email marketing is a great way to boost your Affiliate sales and multiply your revenue but you have to make sure you are doing everything right.

You can’t blast your customer’s E-mail inbox with overwhelming offers otherwise you will be marked as spammed by users which can negatively affect your email marketing affiliate program.

I hope this detailed guide on affiliate email marketing helped you, if you want to ask anything about it I’m waiting for you queries in the comment section.

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